Health really is “Skin-Deep”

Did you realize that our body actually possesses 3 layers of skin? Yep it does, we all are familiar with the 1st layer, its what we see and feel and slather all sorts of lotions, soaps & potions on. Did you also realize that one’s Thyroid controls ALL the functions of all 3 of these layers of skin?

So the purpose of our outer skin aside from protecting and holding all our “inner stuff” together. LOL it actually breathes just like the movie Waiting to exhale, our outer skin does the exact same thing it releases gases, it sweats out and usually the sweat contains salt many realize this when sweat from the “brow” runs down into your eyes. Oh yeah and it also knows how to lubricate itself too, there are oil glands in the skin via the hair that resides there.

Now most of us are super familiar when this outer layer is letting stuff loose, we experience the dreaded body odor and hurry to try to mask and cover it up instead of celebrating that your elimination system is releasing what no longer serves you. Albeit, it should have been released via the colon, but follow me here….and when there is imbalance within the salty sweat over production of oil on the skin leads to many skin “issues” that most people go to the skin doc to fix… the eczema, psoriasis, acne, boils, sebacious cysts. All of these outer manifestations really are pointing to the fact that you have an over abundance of stuff that is proving harmful to the inner function of the body. Yet, most of these outer annoyances typically respond very well to changing your food choices and neutralizing inner body pH levels and getting your pooper system doing it’s job in a better more frequent fashion. Oh yeah, I also wanted to mention that normally when one is experiencing the topical visuals on the skin your Thyroid (remember the one who controls all 3 layers of skin) has been ramping up production we know that function as Hyperthyroidism, meaning it’s busy putting the pedal to the medal to speed up the work system towards achieving a better inner atmosphere. Doesn’t our kitchen always smell better when we take out the trash?

Ok, so that is skin layer 1 covered (no pun intended), now I wanna talk about the 2nd layer, this is the mucous membrane which produces or secretes a clear mucus, the purpose of this secretion is to keep things moist and helps too with eliminating that which has overstayed it’s welcome within. so this 2nd layer of skin is going to help to direct an exit plan from the body usually we notice this when our sinus’s are needing a good box of tissue, even the lungs will help and assist and ever heard the saying come on cough it up, when we are trying to get someone to give us ALL the information! Yet what do we do when the body is doing what it was designed to do? We suppress it, how do we do that, well, we don’t like the experience of having that mucous making it’s way out becuz it causes pressure, headache, makes us cough up “junk” and hey it really interferes with what we’d rather be feeling. So…. we take stuff to dry up the sinus area, and to suppress the cough. When instead we should be working with the wonderful body knowledge and encourage the mucous to get out, we can keep that mucous thinner to assist the process and instead of suppressing the cough, lean towards natural expectorants these are things that will make the cough more productive. When the superficial cells of this inner skin are being challenged we are usually experiencing the symptoms of the common COLD… Folks I’m gonna toss something at you here that lots will probably disagree with but we don’t CATCH a COLD, we EARN IT!!!! so if you understood what I just explained above realize the true definition of the cold is eliminating what has over stayed it’s welcome within.

So remember when you are dealing with sinusitis, bronchitis, gastritis, enteritis, appendicitis, tonsillitis, mastitis, cervicitis, pyelitis , notice that all those “labels” end with itis? my medical terminology course taught me that little ending is what describes “inflammation” so realize that all the mucous membranes are inflammed when you have those not so nice symptoms. this is the same layer of skin being affected which is that 2nd layer, yet it is being affected at the deeper level.

When there is really a decent traffic jam within we experience more discomfort at the deepest level the 3nd layer zone the serous membrane which lines our pleural, pericardial, peritoneal and cranial cavites and the joints. So when the toxic overload has really built up we can experience discomforts called arthritis, peritonitis, encephalitis, meningitis, again notice that itis ending on all those? Inflammation comes about by our body saying ok, ya know what, I can’t take another minute of looking at all this clutter and forces an exodus. so whats a person to do? well… glad you asked… in order to experience some relief ya gotta change the fuel going in, lighten the load on the liver and encourage all systems that are in charge of “dumping” or taking out the trash to stop sleeping on the job and do what they get paid to do….(of course their payment comes truthfully in the form of what you pay them in the way of foods, so remember when I said a cold is not caught it’s earned, well consider yourself the contributing factor when those elimination channels are picketing and going on strike because they don’t like their wages…give them what they NEED to do their job properly) Oh yeah these workers have names: I like to call them by their names, colon/bowel, skin, lungs, liver, and kidneys.

In my office many a client’s come in and at the very heart of their complaints from a physical perspective and emotional (thought I’d toss that in the mix because it too is important) we run across the Adrenal glands. God put those in for “emergency”, the fight/flight mode. I think many have heard and understand that adrenal fatigue is a real thing, but I don’t think people really understand the importance of getting those glands supported. so let me impress something… YOU CANNOT LIVE FOR FOUR SECONDS WITHOUT WHAT THEY SECRETE!!!! That is the truth…. Remember those Agatha Christie who done it movies… where someone was poisoned by the dreaded Cyanide, Cyanide halts all oxidation in the body. Those adrenal glands secrete what actually makes oxidation possible. Oxidation can be called the “fire of life”… this secretion is super important and our body realizes that so it will actually toss some in our reserve tanks within to call upon in a crisis. Where will it reserve well the brain is one area, the pituitary, our gonads (aka. sex gland arena) and for good measure it will scatter it thru out the kidneys myswell since they are neighbors.

Realize that your kidneys cannot do their job of filtering without oxidation, kind of like cooking your meat. Oxidation description is like burning something. we also store the adrenals secretion in the Great Nerve Ganglia which resides in our solar plexus close to our kidneys. So when we have overload and the body is having a hissy fit so to speak because we teen agers refused to clean our room and it’s a total mess, those adrenals can FORCE the kidneys to clean it up. What can we identify with this process? Oh, well we see our blood pressure go up, possibly heart attack from elevated blood pressure, hardening of arteries.

By the way yes this is probably gonna be a long winded FYI… Moving along , Many don’t understand that the adrenal gland is also responsible for helping to regulate the strength of our muscle tone. Which everything within us, organs etc. all are muscular by design right. So our bowel is a muscle, we have muscles that support our skeletal system. Some of you already realize that you struggle with muscle tone, which means you have more than likely had some stressed out adrenals for some time. So ok, that being said when our bowel muscles are in tip top shape what does that mean, well, it means we poop really well without stress/struggle and multiple times per day (and if you have diarrhea that does NOT qualify, but thats a different story to tackle later). Oh, man, I realize I do have to address the diarrhea, darn it… just so you know if you are battling indigestion which means incomplete processing of the foods you are chomping down on, rapid eliminations aka. diarrhea is usually gonna happen.

So it boils down to one thing toxemia (the medical field acknowledges this) however, even Hippocrates realized the importance when working with his patients that the best form of treatment was fasting, administering a cleansing diet and lifestyle changes.

So when you are ready to bid a fond farewell to any of the annoyances we talked about here, you know what you can do, you can invest $95. in yourself and schedule a consult & QFA Analysis with me, Yep you can… the $95 covers both the consult and the Analysis. We can use your own urine & saliva to seek a better understanding of what maybe running in overload, (what I offer is NOT medical diagnosis) I recommend foods, and lifestyle changes, herbal support and possibly recommend dietary supplements to balance a starving system. I also offer other tools like Far Infrared Sauna therapy sessions my package deals are super affordable, 5/30 min. sessions for $45 or save $10 and roll for the 10/30 min. sessions pkg. for $80. You choose. I look forward to hearing from whoever feels they need some assistance. go to and pre-pay for your services and I’ll give you a call (make sure you type in your contact information so I can call you) and we are ready to get to rockin and a rolling towards a brand new YOU!

Healthfully yours,
Jodi Barnett N.H.C.
QFA Clinician, Orthomolecular Nutrition coach,
Raw food coach, Student: Doctor of Naturopathy

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Let’s talk poop!!! I know it’s a dirty topic but…..


I’m gonna end everyone’s day by talking a little “Poop”, I just wanna point something out, I’ve had clients who have called me after they started taking some recommended fiber powders, that they were passing rubbery ropy thick “stuff”, (their words not mine)…

Let me clarify what that “Stuff” actually is, when bile that is toxic intermingles with the mucilage aspects within the herbs in the fiber powders, like psyllium and marshmallow (which I love the properties of), the fiber does what it is supposed to it absorbs the toxic nasty’s and turns it into what looks and almost appears to be like rubber.

I actually love it when a client calls me in a bit of a panic, (although truth be told, I actually had someone fish that wonderful stuff out and put it in their bucket and drove it over to my office to identify, yep it is a true story, and we weighted it which was brace ur selves 15 lbs. worth of bowel sludge).

This is why I press upon each client you gotta be pooping, and why I lean so heavy on the positive aspects of fiber. Without the stuff this toxic nasties, that the liver releases can get re absorbed back into the blood and then is redelivered back to the liver that processed it once already. Causes garbage overload which is never a good thing.

Fiber is the pooper scooper of the intestinal highway, it helps reduce cholesterol, reduces estrogen overload by helping to move out some of the extra, it binds with toxins hanging around in the colon. Some folks have had a sluggish colon for a very long time, hence some other herbal combinations may also be necessary to help with muscular integrity.

I cover this topic quite a bit because it’s a pretty important part of staying healthy. Your body is generating garbage every single day and for that reason the trash needs to be taken out several times a day. Folks dealing with IBS symptoms, there is a different issue taking place there, but gut and colon healing needs to be a priority either way.

It just does a body good, so now let me ask ya…. have you had your dosage of fiber lately,?. This health nut just wanted to be nosey!!!

Healthfully yours,
Jodi Barnett N.D.
QFA Clinician, Orthomolecular Nutrition coach,
Raw Food coach

Schedule an hour of your day in a consult session with me, and let’s work on a natural plan of getting you back to the basics, that is just what your body says it needs.. go to. and well work together towards a brand new You!

Kidney’s…. Much Needed Filter, (how clean are you keeping your filters?)

Did you know that “acid” is the targeted waste material you kidneys want to filter out of your blood? Problem is that many people’s kidney’s are weak because their nutritional daily intake is way deficient, so then a boat load of bad guys well call them “toxins”, decide to stay a while where we don’t want them, so this can cause the kidney’s to become less effective with their job which what was it again, oh yeah, “removing acid wastes from the blood”.

When this occurs, God built into our bodies some “fail-safe” or “back up plans” if you will, So when the kidneys are to slow at handling the acid load, the body goes to plan B to neutralize that acid why? because it caused damage. So what is plan B?

It BORROWS, what is it going to borrow? Well that would be potassium & magnesium and the donors are the muscles (can you say “LEG CRAMPS”, “Muscle twitches”, Headaches, and it also borrows calcium from da bones calcium is a wonderful buffering agent where acid is concerned.This borrowing system wasn’t designed to be relied on for long term use yet, that is effectively what is happening within most people.

Long term borrowing, causes some breakdown in your structural systems which causes that
* muscle tension
*muscle pain
*back pain (probably the biggest reason addictive pain killers are prescribed)
*osteoporosis & arthritis.

The other side affect of the body having to stay in an extended period of “borrowing”, since calcium is wonderful at buffering those acids, it contributes to the formation of kidney stones (ever passed one, not fun, I did in my younger years when Dr. Pepper was my favorite poison, passing those stones certainly convinced me that Pop should be outlawed), and it also contributes to calcification of our other body tissues.

Many peoples body’s are  completely overwhelmed and inflamed. Lots of folks struggle with recurring UTI’s (urinary tract infections), irritable bladder (means frequently needing to pee), bladder & kidney infections. Coupled with these, in combination some will notice they struggle with skin breakouts, lymph nodes that seem to stay “up”, they hold water (retention, edema), ladies struggle with their cycles, why because the urinary system is being overworked and under paid.

I would be happy to point you in a better direction with properly balancing and caring for these much needed filters of life…. if you are interested, please go to and click on the services tab, prepay for your 1 hr. consult & QFA Analysis and we can get you going….  investment in “YOU”, lets face it those kidneys are gonna need to be with you a long time,…

Healthfully yours,
Jodi Barnett N.D.
QFA Clinician, Orthomolecular Nutrition Coach,
Raw Food Coach,  Doctor of Naturopathy



 When I’m working with a client, they obviously know prior to their visit or phone consult, this gal is gonna tell me I have to stop eating all my favorite foods, but where I really shock um…… is when I also tell them they need to get rid of their ‘STINKIN THINKIN”…IN ORDER TO FULLY DETOX A BODY… (caps for emphasis)…(Im not shouting),,,, you also have to detoxify your mental aspect by offering forgiveness and being, feeling and expressing thankfulness!
Folks there is not one single person on this planet who has not has some mean, hurtful, painful, nasty experience ever happen to them. Seriously, we all have… yet when we harbor those memories and frequently think on them and talk about them, just those aspects brings negative emotions, which definately affects ones health. 

ever heard the saying “I’m tied up in knots, or my stomach is in knots?” well. there ya go, then there is holding that anger against someone who hurt you in some way whether physically or emotionally. anger stifles the liver and that organ has a huge “to do list” every day!!!!

When we have been wronged our natural emotional instinct is we want our hurt justified in some way.. Forgiveness offers YOU freedom it does not make the wrong doer right, or send the message I’m a whipping post hit me again.. Many find it hard to forgive they may even say with words I forgive you yet they are still expecting some sort of something, an apology, or for them to suffer for what they did. But when you choose to forgive, you are acknowledging that the “debt” incurred and you are releasing it, they owe you nothing, however, that doesn’t mean that persons wrong is relieved possibly legally or with God. We can’t cancel someone else’s sins, remember seeking revenge keep YOU in bondage as you dwell on it until you receive some sort of satisfaction. Keeps it fresh always in your mind and heart. LET IT GO…Romans 12:29 Vengeance is Mine, I will repay says the Lord…. Psalm 10:14 But you, O God, do see the hurt, the grief and the pain, and YOU will call that person into judgment and avenge the helpless and the victim.

This is a huge one for each and every person.. including myself.. sometimes I have to offer that forgiveness daily… but it’s either that or remain a slave to ones emotions, and then the erosion of the daily joy begins to slide, and keeps many from living and experiencing the happiness/joy of living in each moment vs. the past….


Healthfully yours,

Jodi Barnett N.H.C.

QFA Clinician, Orthomolecular Nutrition Coach,

Raw Food Coach, Student: Doctor of Naturopathy

Harvested Health LLC


Radio Co-host of Healing our World with Mary Tocco 
*(exerpts and references taken from “Cancer Battleplan Source Book by Dr. Dave Frahm).

Does Negative emotions affect your body?


Many of my client’s during the course of a consultation as we are going over whatever it is that is ailing them physically, I wouldn’t offer a complete consult if we didn’t also address what is silently churning in the backdrop called “emotions”. Negative emotions can tend to affect particular organs. Emotional baggage can be difficult to shed or even identify because for many they become automatic reactions to various elements in our day to day lives. However, if you have some physical ailments in any of the below mentioned organs, check yourself from the emotional angle and see if you can identify and then seek to release those negative emotions, we are approaching the “summer solstice”,,,NEW SEASON, NEW BEGINNINGS!!!! It’s up to YOU if they are going to be positive or negative ones… Good rule of thumb for added comfort is to read one chapter of proverbs correlated with the day of the month for wisdom in daily lives, and one chapter of Psalms each day for emotional support. Remember to cast your cares on Him for He cares for you!!!!

If any of you are ready to embark on a healthier you by incorporating more natural methods, I would be thrilled to walk that journey along side you. Schedule an appt. either phone consult or in person. Make an investment in YOU,,,, We are all here for a greater purpose than just self gratification, (hard one to swallow, I know the truth usually is), so we are actually under obligation to be in the best physical health we can achieve to be able to carry out our life calling according to “HIS” purpose. 
Healthfully yours,
Jodi Barnett N.H.C.
QFA Clinician, Orthomolecular Nutrition coach,
Raw Food Coach, Student: Doctor of Naturopathy
Harvested Health LLC

“Liver” = check your anger
“gallbladder” = check your bitterness/resentment issues
“Heart/lungs” =get a grip on your grief, and over all sadness
“Stomach” = what’s holding you in disgust?
“Small intestines” = feelings of being vulnerable, or feeling abandoned
“large intestines”= being defensive and inflexible
“spleen/pancreas”- been feeling rejected, low self-esteem?
“kidneys” =overly fearful (finances, relationships), terror?
Bladder= feeling overly timid or frequent irritation with life or people in your life?
Thyroid/adrenals = confusion in life, just pick an area!
* Dr. Dave Frahm “Cancer Battle Plan Source Book” (excellent book by the way)