Da Body comes complete with “back-up plans”….

Did you know that the body has to constantly use multiple avenues to keep your inner house as clean as it knows how to? Well it does…. example many people have high blood pressure, Kidney’s are one of the major factors in maintaining and controlling blood pressure, the kidneys are a filter, yet every other filter in our day to day living like air, oil & water ends up needing to be replaced after they have filtered all they can. When our inner filters are tossing their invisible arms in the air so to speak saying I’m overloaded, the body has to initiate a back up plan. so for those of you who have lots of Lung stuff …… guess where you start?

When I get a client who says they always get bronchial  issues, or  frequent upper respiratory stuff going on, (includes asthma) they always look at me weird when I start to support their kidneys. Yet, if they do a QFA Analysis, guess what shows up 100% of the time… Weak kidneys.. Yep….

The other back up plan or “plan B” the body uses for the Liver which is another filter…. is the largest elimination organ we possess.. which is DA skin… so if you have acne, eczema, etc. realize your liver is overloaded so it’s moving stuff out of its way so it can attempt to do its job as best as it can given what you are offering it to work with… a.k.a. lousy diet and a lifestyle loaded with chemicals that it has to figure out how to neutralize and properly dispose of…

So  what does that encompass? That usually includes processed foods but also cleaning products, soaps, lotions & potions you willingly apply to your skin cuz they smell good. Understand when you buy those items the stronger the “good” smell is normally the more chemicals they are trying to cover up with the artificial scent. Either way, those chemicals don’t just float off into never-never land, they are in your body and your body has to do something with um, normally they are stored where? Body fat, can you say cellulite? Some also store in body tissue either way we end up storing stuff that wasn’t meant to be inside da body to begin with, and like that rusty barrel buried in a land fill with toxic bad guys, after time of it sitting there and the barrel rusts, a.k.a. “oxidation damage”, the slow trickle effect begins to poison the ground soil, and the watering system.  So yes it’s true this stuff rarely kills ya quickly, it is the slow and steady effect.  Which is usually why most people say, “I don’t understand I’ve always been healthy , I hit my 40’s and the bottom fell out of my health”.  No it didn’t you chose to bury those nasty drums long time ago, your landfill decided to start rejecting more deposits that’s. all..

If you’d like some assistance with applying some much-needed change to your diet & lifestyle choices. You know what? I’m your gal… go to http://mkt.com/harvested-health-llc and hook yourself up with the link that say 1 hr. consult for $40 and the QFA analysis for $55 and let’s get you back on track with feeling GOOD!!!!
Healthfully yours,
Jodi Barnett N.H.C.
QFA Clinician, Orthomolecular Nutrition Coach,
Raw Food Coach, Student :Doctor of Naturopathy

Harvested Health LLC


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