Three Layers of Protection

Did you realize that our body possesses 3 layers of protective health? Yep, it does, we all are familiar with the 1st layer, it’s what we see and feel and slather all sorts of lotions, soaps & potions on. Did you also realize that the Thyroid controls ALL the functions of all 3 of these layers of protection?

So, the purpose of our outer skin aside from protecting and holding all our “inner stuff” together. LOL it breathes just like the movie Waiting to exhale, our outer skin does the exact same thing it releases gases, it sweats out toxins and usually the sweat contains salt many realize this when sweat from the “brow” runs down into your eyes. Oh yeah and it also knows how to lubricate itself too, there are oil glands in the skin via the hair that resides there.

Now most of us are super familiar when this outer layer is letting stuff loose, we experience the dreaded body odor and hurry to try to mask and cover it up instead of celebrating that your elimination system is releasing what no longer serves you. Albeit, it should have been released via the colon, but follow me here….and when there is imbalance within that when we see over production of oil on the skin that can leads to many skin “issues” that most people go to the skin doc to fix… the eczema, psoriasis, acne, boils, sebaceous cysts.


All these outer manifestations really are pointing to the fact that you have an overabundance of stuff that is proving harmful to the inner function of the body. Yet, most of these outer annoyances typically respond very well to changing your food choices and neutralizing inner body pH levels and getting your bowels doing its job in a better more frequent fashion. Oh yeah, I also wanted to mention that normally when one is experiencing the topical visuals on the skin your Thyroid (remember the one who controls all 3 layers) has been ramping up production, meaning it’s busy putting the pedal to the medal to speed up the inner work system towards achieving a better inner atmosphere. Doesn’t our kitchen always smell better when we take out the trash?


Ok, so that covered the 1st layer, now I want to talk about the 2nd skin layer, this is the mucous membrane layer which produces or secretes a clear mucus, the purpose of this secretion is to keep things moist and helps too with eliminating that which has overstayed it’s welcome within. So, this 2nd layer is going to help to direct an exit plan from the body usually we notice this when our sinus’s are needing a good box of tissue, even the lungs will help and assist and ever heard the saying come on cough it up, when we are trying to get someone to give us ALL the information! Yet what do we do when the body is doing what it was designed to do? We suppress it, how do we do that, well, we don’t like the experience of having that mucous making its way out because it causes pressure, headache, makes us cough up “junk” and hey it really interferes with what we’d rather be feeling. So…. we take stuff to dry up the sinus area, and to suppress the cough. When instead we should be working with the wonderful body knowledge and encourage the mucous to get out, we can keep that mucous thinner to assist the process and instead of suppressing the cough, lean towards natural expectorants these are things that will make the cough more productive.

When the superficial cells of this inner layer are being challenged, we are usually experiencing the symptoms of the common COLD… Folks I’m going to toss something at you here that lots will probably disagree with, but we don’t CATCH a COLD, we EARN IT!!!! So… if you understood what I just explained above realize the true definition of the cold is eliminating what has overstayed it’s welcome within.

Remember when you are dealing with sinusitis, bronchitis, gastritis, enteritis, appendicitis, tonsillitis, mastitis, cervicitis, pyelitis, notice that all those “labels” end with itis? That little ending is what describes “inflammation” so realize that all the mucous membranes are inflamed when you have those not so nice symptoms. this is the same layer protection being affected which is that 2nd layer, yet it is being affected at a deeper level.


When there is really a decent traffic jam within, we experience more discomfort at the deepest level the 3rd layer zone the serous membrane which lines our pleural, pericardial, peritoneal, and cranial cavities and the joints.  When the toxic overload has really built up, we can experience discomforts called arthritis, peritonitis, encephalitis, meningitis, again notice that itis ending on all those?

Inflammation comes about by our body saying ok, you know what, I can’t take another minute of looking at all this clutter and forces an exodus. What’s a person to do? well… glad you asked… in order to experience some relief you have to change the fuel going in, lighten the load on the liver and encourage all systems that are in charge of “dumping” or taking out the trash to stop sleeping on the job and do what they get paid to do….(of course their payment comes truthfully in the form of what you pay them in the way of foods, so remember when I said a cold is not caught it’s earned, well consider yourself the contributing factor when those elimination channels are picketing and going on strike because they don’t like their wages…give them what they NEED to do their job properly) Oh yeah these workers have names: I like to call them by their names, colon/bowel, skin, lungs, liver, and kidneys.

In my office many a patients come in and at the very heart of their complaints from a physical perspective and emotional (thought I’d toss that in the mix because it too is important) we run across the Adrenal glands. God put those in for “emergency”, the fight/flight mode. I think many have heard and understand that adrenal fatigue is a real thing, but I don’t think people really understand the importance of getting those glands supported. so let me place some emphasis on this truth… YOU CANNOT LIVE FOR FOUR SECONDS WITHOUT WHAT THEY SECRETE!!!! That is the truth…. Remember those Agatha Christie who done it movies… where someone was poisoned by the dreaded Cyanide, Cyanide halts all oxidation in the body. Those adrenal glands secrete what makes oxidation possible. Oxidation can be called the “fire of life”… this secretion is super important, and our body realizes that so it will toss some in our reserve tanks within to call upon in a crisis. Where will it reserve? The brain is one area, the pituitary, our gonads (aka. sex glands) and for good measure it will scatter it thru out the kidneys why not since they are neighbors.

Realize that your kidneys cannot do their job of filtering without oxidation, kind of like cooking your meat. Oxidation description is like burning something. we also store the adrenals secretion in the Great Nerve Ganglia which resides in our solar plexus close to our kidneys. When we have overload and the body is having a hissy fit so to speak because we teenagers refused to clean our room and it’s a total mess, those adrenals can FORCE the kidneys to clean it up. What can we identify with this process? Oh, well we see our blood pressure go up, possibly heart attack from elevated blood pressure, hardening of arteries.

 Many don’t understand that the adrenal glands are also responsible for helping to regulate the strength of our muscle tone. Which everything within us, organs etc. all are muscular by design right.  Our bowel is a muscle, we have muscles that support our skeletal system, when our bowel muscles are in tip top shape what does that mean, well, it means we eliminate well without stress/struggle and multiple times per day, I like to say think babies and puppies, what happens with them when we feed them?  


Peeps, it boils down to one thing toxemia, when the blood, body, lymph system, bowels are overloaded we are not in a healthy place (the medical field acknowledges this, when this is left unkept and out of balance for too long it begins to affect our immune responses and can contribute to confusion on what is friend and foe, we know that as auto-immune issues. Preventative maintenance makes so much sense to me, even Hippocrates realized the importance when working with his patients that the best form of treatment was fasting, administering a cleansing diet and lifestyle changes, fresh air, sunshine etc.

I’d prefer to see people who want to address maintaining their health before its broken down, but sadly many people take the approach of if it’s not broken what’s there to fix, hence they wait until they have a health crisis and have exhausted all other avenues, then they want to drive down the more natural route.  I am always ready to help folks change their trajectory, but I’m pretty quick to point out that once you’ve jumped off a 12 story building, it’s going to take more than rose hips, and it’s a process not a procedure; it’s a JOURNEY.

 When you are ready to bid a fond farewell to any of the annoyances we talked about here, you know what you can do, you can invest in yourself and schedule a consult with me, yep you can… we can schedule. We can seek a better understanding of what maybe running in overload, (what I offer is NOT medical diagnosis), I am a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. I recommend foods, and lifestyle changes, herbal support and dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies to balance a starving system. You choose. and click on services and we will give you a call (make sure you type in your contact information so we can call you) and we are ready to get to moving towards a brand new healthier YOU!

Healthfully yours,

Dr. Jodi Barnett N.D.

Harvested Health LLC



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