Different Probiotics and their benefits.

List of Probiotics and which strains help different issues… Why do we need them? Well They AID in digestion and help our body assimilate certain nutrients and help produce vitamin B-12. They protect against YEAST overgrowth and protect against diarrhea when traveling, and even act like a mild laxative when the pipes are experiencing aContinue reading “Different Probiotics and their benefits.”

Natures Fresh, Miracle In A Bottle!

What if I told you that by spraying certain enzymes you can have: first aid kit household miracle worker completely NON-toxic safe for the kiddo’s & pets biodegradable removes odors fabulously breaks down stains natural aid for pain wonderful first aid spray This product has been around for bout 37 yrs.  n the 1980’s Nature’sContinue reading “Natures Fresh, Miracle In A Bottle!”