What Is The Best Kind of Magnesium For YOU….

  I’ve had several clients who feel confused about which form of Magnesium they should be supplementing with as there are different types out there.  I know it can be confusing, so I am hoping to shed some light on that. One thing you’ll notice about supplements is that everyone is pretty convinced that theirContinue reading “What Is The Best Kind of Magnesium For YOU….”

What Happens To The Food You Eat?

The easiest analogy I can put forth would be comparing one’s body to that of a chemical engine, it accepts what one eats as fuel.  Sometimes it decides some of the fuel is unacceptable by discarding it by throwing it back up, or for some shooting it through quickly and sending it out the southContinue reading “What Happens To The Food You Eat?”

How Do You Start Your Day?

 How many of you wouldn’t even dream of starting your day without a big ole cup of hot Java?  How many of you are relying on more than just coffee to get you through your day, like Red Bulls, or other commercial Energy drinks that are loaded with caffeine and other unmentionables? No doubt youContinue reading “How Do You Start Your Day?”

Revelation: You Can Be Healthy

  A little practitioner back ground on “ME”… I have never considered myself to be any sort of specialist! Nope… what I have come to realize is that folks who seek out my services are usually disappointed in allopathic medical routes – especially when the round after round of prescriptions that are recommended appear to merely maskContinue reading “Revelation: You Can Be Healthy”

Your Body: A Do It Yourself Repair shop?

I tend to share about some of my client’s (keeping their identity hidden unless they agree for me to share their name) cases, with the hopes that it helps others in their quest for turning around a health situation they may be struggling with. Three years ago I had a 55 year old woman whoContinue reading “Your Body: A Do It Yourself Repair shop?”


 The greatest value of raw celery lies in the fact that it contains an exceptionally high percentage of vital organic sodium. We need organic sodium to maintain calcium balance in our body. Raw celery contains more than four times as much vital organic sodium as it does calcium.  If you are one of the peepsContinue reading “FOOD TIP TUESDAY: Celery Juice”

Motivational Monday: Beyond Numbers On The Scale…

Weight-loss is about much more than dropping pounds.  Just ask anyone who has successfully lost weight, only to find that they are fighting the same pounds a few months or years later.  Clearly eating habits and exercise require a physical commitment.  But lasting, successful weight loss involves a powerful emotional component as well. Developing aContinue reading “Motivational Monday: Beyond Numbers On The Scale…”

The Battle of PMS, Menstrual Hell, and Menopause.

Over the years, I have gone out of my way to study and read as much as time would allow on this varied topic of Health & Disease,  kind of like which came first the chicken or the egg.  I find that so many folks don’t seem to appreciate feeling healthy until they have struggled with someContinue reading “The Battle of PMS, Menstrual Hell, and Menopause.”

Soothe Aching Joints…

DEVIL’S CLAW: Devil’s Claw, translated from the German “Teufelskralle,” is aptly names.  This plant is indigenous to South Africa, this plant has fruits covered with hooks or barbs that are super painful for any animal that happens to be caught up in them.  But it’s not the barbs that are of interest to the herbalist. Continue reading “Soothe Aching Joints…”