Italian turkey sausage & garlic peppers

Here is a delic. recipe that is a healthy version, give it a whirl ENJOY!!!!!! INGREDIENTS: 2LBS. SWEET ITALIAN TURKEY SAUSAGE LINKS CUT INTO SMALL PIECES 1 cup peppers (combine red, yellow, and green)  sliced in small strips 1/2 cup chopped onion 2TB  minced garlic apprx. 3 cloves mine were big ones 3TB  grapeseed  oilContinue reading “Italian turkey sausage & garlic peppers”

Because Breathing is NOT optional!

During cold/flu and pneumonia season, many people realize how important the element of being able to take a breath can be.  You can live a few days without water & weeks without food, but you can only go a few minutes without air.  So doing all that you can to care for the health ofContinue reading “Because Breathing is NOT optional!”