FEAR, is like an emotional “VIRUS”…

Are you struggling with a sense of direction, what to do, what to do????? When we are looking to travel someplace we’ve never been before, today we plug in an address to a GPS, and it talks us straight to our destination. Before these new fangled directionals we had to rely on “maps”. In myContinue reading “FEAR, is like an emotional “VIRUS”…”

HERBS: God’s Pharmacy

I run across folks all the time who are looking for a healthier way to maintain the quality of their health that isn’t laced with “side-effects” leaving them with the burning question of is there something better? Since the dawn of recorded history, plants have been the primary source of medicine for peeps throughout theContinue reading “HERBS: God’s Pharmacy”

FOOD TIP TUESDAY: Brussels Sprouts J

Food Tip Tuesday: BRUSSELS SPROUTS JUICE: The juice of Brussels Sprouts combined with carrot, some green bean, and romaine furnishes a combo of elements which helps to strengthen and regenerate the INSULIN properties of the pancreatic functions which are critical for our digestive process. For this reason, it has been shown to be a hugeContinue reading “FOOD TIP TUESDAY: Brussels Sprouts J”


Correct your metabolism with the world’s best natural products, no more yo-yo dieting! No matter what your health resolutions include, we’ve got you covered! Every year I get folks in who are looking for help with #1 request “LOSING WEIGHT”, of course I can help with that, however, what you need to be reaching forContinue reading “LOSE WEIGHT FOR THE “LAST TIME””


This is one of the most valuable juices for helping to build up the red corpuscles of the blood and tone up the blood generally. Those dealing with anemia, low iron count, and low red blood count would benefit tremendously by incorporating the juicing daily of beets and carrots together. Ladies in particular, have benefitedContinue reading “FOOD TIP TUESDAY, BEETS”