What does “Back to Basics” have to do with my health?

Easing into a more raw food, less processed over cooked lifestyle

Years ago, when I began to change my diet and that of my family, I was loaded with enthusiasm.  I felt so excited about making healthier food choices.  It became a personal challenge to see what I could make from scratch, or even eliminate altogether.  I made my fair share of mistakes that I am hoping to help you avoid.  Many of the ideas I envisioned initially, led to boat loads of frustration later on.

When you see people who have improved their lives by making positive transformations, and you’re a type-A personality like me; well, I just knew I was going to change the world!, I became so very passionate, I mean I didn’t walk to the diving board, this chick was sprinting, ready—-set—-bombs away!  I think I was labeled secretly by family & friends initially as the “left wing-nut”.  I just couldn’t understand why everyone missed the point and purpose of a healthier lifestyle, when making changes in the way you eat and what types of foods seemed like such a simple thing to change.  Why would anyone want to continue to feel like crap and drag themselves thru their day having to rely on more sugar or caffeine just to find the energy to function or stave off the next headache?

Yet it took years for me to grasp that these are still yet personal choices.  You can incorporate them into your immediate family, meaning spouse, kids, etc. but don’t expect your extended families to be willing to jump on the “healthy transition” train.  I also realized that even with spouses, if your new culinary lifestyle is totally opposite of what they know and believe, ease them in gently.  Incorporating more whole foods into their daily eating routines gradually seems to work better for the peace and harmony within the walls we call home.

If you are feeling ready to try something different than what you have been doing for years, If you are overweight, sluggish, not sleeping well, irritable, irregular bowel habits, skin issues, high blood pressure, cholesterol issues then I have to assume what your doing doesn’t feel like it’s working for you or you’d be looking and feeling like a million bucks.  Take it slowly when it comes to changes in your diet, as well I have found from experience that jumping in both feet first sounds good in the beginning.  However, because it takes time to change a habit, dietary or otherwise, don’t begin by putting too much pressure on yourself.  Instead, try new patterns of eating for specific periods of time perhaps for 3 months.  For instance, eat more raw foods 30% to 50% raw do that for 90 days.  Do your best, then, the best way to judge if it is working for you is ask yourself the pointed question HOW DO I FEEL?

Also note, that you don’t have to do this alone, you can consult with me and gleen 29 years of my experience, to assist you on your journey.

go to http://mkt.com/harvested-health-llc and schedule a 1 hr. consult (phone or in person), once you’ve prepaid for your session, We can get you on my appointment schedule and being the journey of a lifetime.

Healthfully yours,

Jodi Barnett N.H.C.

Harvested Health LLC



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I am a Doctor of Naturopathy, BCHHP; passionate about helping others improve the quality of their health by empowering them with knowledge of how to incorporate a more natural/holistic approach towards better quality of health.

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