Let’s get to movin & groovin……….

Structural 11x17 300 dpi  Experience has taught me….. one of the benefits of exercise is it blocks appetite swings, and can actually improve your mood becuz it triggers feel-good endorphins;, it strengthens your resistance to cravings, and it creates a sense of well-being. We know it strengthens our muscles, stimulates new bone growth, circulates the blood, aids in lymph drainage, oh yeah and it purges stored toxins from the body.

So you obviously need to find a form of exercise that you enjoy, but make sure that it also challenges you. Start with at least 15 minutes per day, and slowly build up your endurance if exercise isn’t something you’ve done in a while.

There is so much to choose from, it doesn’t have to cost a dime if money is a factor. walking is still free; so is running, yoga and stretching. You can walk-up up and down your stairs several times, if you have some at home or work. Ride a bike, Run around with your children or pets. The key is JUST GET THE BODY MOVING!

In closing, my goal for you is to improve your health, vitality and lifestyle thru the one avenue that you will do every day for the rest of your life, and that is to eat! We are so bombarded in today’s society regarding what constitutes a healthy diet and what doesn’t. What your body craves is not junk food; it craves balanced nutrition.

When did our society become so turned around, that the only objective for eating is all about the taste? Oh, and lets not forget about the color: When foods are over-processed the natural colors are dulled so of course artificial ones have to be added so we like what we are looking at… Why? Well certainly we want our foods to “look” appetizing too. Well raw, whole foods retain their beauty, just look at the color of a well made salad, not to mention, you can tell a lot about what that produce has to offer the body becuz of the color, but, hey that’s another long winded article.

If you’d like some help & assistance in getting your food/exercise/emotional aspects back in line, and you want to begin your soon to be new year on a more healthy and positive note. I’m your gal…. go to http://mkt.com/harvested-health-llc and schedule your consultation and let the fun begin!!!!!

As always,
Healthfully yours,
Jodi Barnett N.H.C.
QFA Clinician, Orthomolecular Nutrition Coach,
Raw Food coach, Student: Doctor of Naturopathy

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Meanwhile…. Back in the Kitchen… Homemade Quick Biscuit recipe

Meanwhile…. Back in the Kitchen – Homemade Quick Biscuits (You can toss these together for your holiday vs. the pre-packaged full of chemical biscuits that many revert too because it’s quick. These are quick too. Give um a whirl:

2 Cups Whole wheat flour ( you can sub, gluten free flour such as white or brown rice)
4 tsp baking powder (increase with 11/2 more tsp. if using GF Flour)
2 tsp cane sugar, Turbinado, xylitol (any of these will work)
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/2 cup coconut oil (refrigerate so it is solid and cold 1st)
2/3 cup (almond milk, rice milk) or you can use homemade buttermilk see you tube video on how to make your own butter which will also give you homemade buttermilk (YUM) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh2TBHcuEvo

Stir together your dry ingred. and cut in the cold coconut oil (I use my kitchen aid stand up mixer with the wire whip attachment for these. Mix until crumbly. Make a well in center and slowly pour milk in, stir until dough clings together.
Knead by hand gently on floured surface. These actually are soft enough to press out into a flat shape by hand if you don’t have a rolling pin.

I use a drinking cup to cut the biscuit shape out. Bake at 450 for about 10-12 mins or till golden. Makes about 10-12 biscuits depending how big you cut your circles.

Another thing I do with these is I butter muffing tins, place the flat biscuit in the muffin tin slots and press it out like a mini-tart. Make sure you get the sides thick enuff for easy removal when done.

Then I take Broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas, red preppers, water chestnuts and stir fry the veggies till tender, adding 2 TB Braggs liq. Aminos, 1 tsp ginger powder, 1 tsp curry powder, mixing and stirring until the veggies are not limp but tender, Then I fill the biscuit tarts with veggies, top with garlic parmesan ( 1/2 cup parmesan with 3 TB garlic powder or salt your choice) and bake at 450 for the 10-12 mins.biscuit veggie tarts

These are delic. and make a super neat appetizer or neat addition to a salad dinner or lunch and it’s “properly combined food choices” for key digestion.

STRESS: big business & a universal problem


The boom in prescriptions for anxiety & depression is no accident.  People are depressed for so many reasons, for some it’s because they are overweight; the excess weight robs them of vital energy, both physically & mentally.  They have anxiety attacks because of chemical imbalances in bodies starved for live, enzyme-enriched nutrients.  Hormonal imbalances are at an all-time high.  I have two words:  REAL FOOD!

Are any of you searching for answers?  Are you searching for some hope?  Here is my version of both.  The consequences of eating a high-fat/high sugar diet are well-researched.  American society consumes higher amounts of concentrated fats(the bad ones), sugars and chemically rich foods, more than any other country.  Our cancer ratios are higher, our coronary heart-disease ratio is higher and the majority of our diabetic diagnoses reside in the population of our youth today, NOT the elderly.

Why are we struggling with all this depression, anxiety and over the top health issues?  Look at our countries dietary habits!  If food is altered to the point that it is actually void of nutrients our bodies need to function, our digestive health becomes compromised.  This then causes a pH imbalance that can lead to problems – with acid reflux & heartburn, constipation and IBS being some of the most common reasons for doctor visits.

There is a direct connection between our digestive nature in the “gut”, and our psychological health.  Stress “folks” is nothing new; it’s been around from the beginning of time.  In contrast, when our health is balanced and our bodies are in harmony, we naturally cope better with what life tosses at us!  As things now stand, many of us have digestive systems on overload.  Our diets are empty, due to regularly eating foods that are over cooked and over processed and fall into the category of “fake” food.

Most leading vegetarian and vegan experts recommend a diet with about 10-15% of the calories coming from fat.  Sad to say, I have met many vegetarians who are overweight.  They live on very high-fat diets and simple carbohydrate intake.  Yes we need fats & oils in our diets, but they need to be unrefined.  Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils further tax our bodies, and were never part of our natural diets.  On these food regimens, people tend to consume more refined oils and lots of carbohydrates in the forms of pastas, crackers, breads, etc.  So on average, more than 50% of the calories come from fat, and often up to 70%.

One of the side effects of an unhealthy diet is the loss of our digestive ability to metabolize sweets.  It’s been proven that high-fat diets decrease insulin sensitivity (the effectiveness of insulin in carrying sugar to the cells), and thus what happens is blood sugar levels go up because the more fat our bodies house the more insulin resistant the body becomes.  So those living on high fat diets will inevitably experience more blood sugar swings when they eat something sweet including fruits.  The problem isn’t the fruit, but the high amounts of fat consumes.  Once you reduce the amount of over processed, fatty foods, you body will utilize the fruit sugar better.  Now don’t misunderstand me I am not outlawing fat in the diet, it is very NECESSARY, when you are reaching for the right kinds.  Essential Fatty acids, (key word in that description is “essential”).

With the knowledge that the primary source of fuel for the human body is natural sugar, the concept of having too much sugar becomes illogical.  The only way you can consume too much is to overeat, which is difficult with high water content fruits.  Not to mention that in its original form, overeating sugar is really tough, as our natural gag reflex kicks into high gear.

The natural enzymes have been removed from refined sugars, which skews the signals and communication in the body, and altering our natural digestive process.  Test me on this one.  See if you can eat a 5lb bag of oranges, or a 3 lb. bag of apples, or even half a jar of real honey, in one sitting.  I promise you will begin to gag when your body says, “hey, we got what we need!”.  Yet you can easily polish off half a bag of store bought cookies and still eat more.  Refined sugars interfere with the body’s natural signals.  This also plays true with standard cereals.  How many people feel full when consuming the recommended serving of cereal, which typically is a half cup?

So when we achieve a better quality of fuel that can be processed going into our body, the inner balancing act begins and this amazing  transformation begins, we start to experience far less anxiety because even though stressful situations are always going to be there when our inner foundation is stronger and functioning in better we are more grounded as individuals and better equipped physically and mentally to cope with what life tosses our direction.

When you have a strong inner foundation physically, you know what happens?  You not only feel stronger you ARE stronger, and you will find you can accomplish so much more in your life.  Many people believe that  a better job, or a bigger house, or a better car or better relationship is key to not being depressed or feeling anxiety.  You know what; it’s not true… happiness begins within “self”.   For all aspects of our daily lives to begin to feel like they are off and running and coming together in a positive way, it needs to begin with the individual.

The outer elements that we have been brainwashed by society and advertising is NOT what is going to make things better.  Sure having enough money to pay your bills is a wonderful thing, but all the money in the world doesn’t protect you from stressful situations. Apply that to anything you are telling yourself  the statement “IF ONLY”.  If only I had a better life partner my stress would be gone, if only I lived in a better house my stress would be gone, if only I had my dream job my stress would be gone, etc.  Each and every one of those are still going to carry an element of stress attached to them in some way.

But when you have physical strength and you clean up what you are feeding your inner motor, the performance of the motor improves, your thoughts get clearer, your emotions more balanced, sleep becomes deeper and refreshes the body like its supposed too.  Show yourself some “self” love by taking the step to treat yourself with more love, respect and admiration, it starts with YOU, love you enough to choose NOT to put all that garbage in your body, reach for cleaner healthier foods and watch everything with your health, and emotional aspect begin to transform.

Your wealth is in your health!!!! So consequently when you are feeling better, you are thinking clearer, then maybe you will have the drive and ambition to look for a better job, or new living location, whatever your if-only is, but I promise that your whole out look towards those ” If-Only”  statements will change when the change begins with YOU!

If you’d like a more detailed consultation with me, go to http://mkt.com/harvested-health-llc  and schedule your 1 hr. consult (phone or in person please specify), and a QFA Analysis ( available in person only), Once you’ve processed, then you’ll get a copy of my schedule and we are ready to begin.

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Jodi Barnett N.D (Doctor of Naturopathy)

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Does this feel like YOU most of the time?

Working with my clients, the chief complaint seems to be “no energy”, most feel like they are just pulling themselves thru their day and/or using caffeine or energy drinks to force what doesn’t seem to naturally be within them.

It is true that our bodies need natural sugar that it uses as a source of energy. Typically most lean towards starchy foods like the breads, pasta and potatoes, the digestive enzymes break down complex sugar (starch) into simpler sugars. So it’s a longer transition process for actual energy conversion and much stores in the fat cells due to incomplete digestion from the diet being overloaded with these starches, and these foods are void of needed vitamins/nutrients due to over cooking. Gums up the inner piping if you will.

Yet When fruits are eaten, the body uses the simple sugars (fructose) directly, without needing to break it down further. This differs from eating refined sugar, in which case the food is devoid of nutrients and fiber (which fruits contain).

Refined sugar enters the blood quickly, as it lacks fiber that would normally slow it down. White table sugar typically is refined from cane sugar and/or sugar beets, during which the natural nutrients and fiber end up being taken out. The calories found in sugar are “empty.” There are no vitamins or minerals, which means the body has to rob from “storage” – if there is storage – to aid and abet breaking down the processed sugar. So.. since foods contain calories and calories equal energy, when you are eating something that is void of vitamins/minerals and the body has to rob from storage, guess what doesn’t happen, no NEW energy is created to put some pep in your step, instead it is depleted even further, which is why when you eat something made with refined sugar as the body processes it you can feel like taking a nap, or mentally you cannot focus (brain fog).

When I conduct a QFA Analysis (Urine & Saliva), I find many of my clients are deficient in essential minerals which are critical for other processes in the body. Friends, you cannot borrow from an empty account. On the other hand, fruit is nutrient-dense. This means for every calorie it provides, it also contributes micro-nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals. Yet many are told because fruits have sugar, they will make you fat, raise your Glycemic index, rot your teeth. NOT true!!! I have many diabetics that I encourage to consume lots of fresh fruits in the morning hours and they find not only does it energize them, it aids and assists in elimination as well. Fruits are the body “cleaners”, Veggies are the body builders. We NEED them both!

If you cut out most fruits, and most or all complex carbohydrates (which are different from simple carbohydrates) you will need to get your calories from other sources – proteins or fats. Which many people who are trying to lose weight seem to lean towards. It is difficult to gain sufficient calories from protein; and high-protein diets are generally recognized as harmful for health, and places lots of extra burden on one’s kidneys.  The high protein intake usually comes in the form of eating lots of animal meats which also makes the body pH overly acidic without a balance. Yes people lose weight on these high protein diets but at what price?

Many who jumped into the high-protein diets that were super popular in the 1990’s account for a huge climb in those suffering from kidney stones. There was no allotment that included enough fruits or vegetables. Also, the mentality behind those diets is strictly to lose weight. Yes, the weight loss was obtained, many relapse to their previous eating habits, making any changes temporary. Again, what is called for is a true change of lifestyle that can be reasonably sustained. Balance is the key.

For those interested in help/assistance in weight-loss, coupled with incorporating a more complete and balance eating plan. I’d be thrilled to work with you towards success. Simply go to https://mkt.com/harvested-health-llc and pre-register for your 1 hr. consult which can take place via phone or in person. Once you’ve registered/paid for your consultation, you will receive my schedule and we can get you on track with an appointment.

As always,
Healthfully yours,
The Health Nut,
Jodi Barnett N.H.C.
QFA Clinician, Orthomolecular Nutrition Coach,
Raw Food Coach, Student:Doctor of Naturopathy

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My Addictions….. Conquering the Beast within

stocked refrigerator

When I first started this dietary overhaul, one of my major addictions – of my youth, was sugar.  I was totally addicted! Believing that dried fruits were healthy because hey they were fruits right?  When I told myself, cakes, cookies, ice cream, candy those had to go, but hey these dried fruits, I’m stepping it up… Dried fruit, I came to realize, can substitute as the junk food for the raw foodist.  So raisins, prunes, dates, dried figs etc.  Guess what in excess, they can cause just as much sugar imbalances, tooth problems and disturbed digestion, just as table sugar can.  I found myself eating them on a pretty regular basis.

The sugar in dried fruit is concentrated, so it’s not assimilated as well as in whole fruits (hence the natural enzymes that aid and assist in digesting are not left intact with the drying process).  Adding to your woes, it sticks to your teeth, and can cause tooth decay if the teeth are not brushed after eating it.  You also need to read the labels, (I did).. because most of the dried fruits packaged in commercial grocery stores have sugar added (which baffled me as to the need) as well as corn syrup.  Talk about a food industry that has connected the dots with sugar addiction in our country.

I found that a better venue is to purchase dried fruit through health food stores or food co-ops, which generally have knowledgeable staff to assist you.  It has been my experience that the smaller locally owned stores take time researching ingredients before stocking products, as they tend to use the products in their own lives.  A good idea is to pre-soak and rinse the dried fruits before using; this will reduce the sugar content to a degree.

This was a rough road to conquer for me as growing up sugary foods were used as rewards, comfort foods, they were a way that Mom said I love you….. As I know Mom meant well, essentially what it did was set me up for years of health battles with my digestive system, yeast overgrowth, colon issues, migraine headaches etc. So what I tell my clients who have children don’t ever reward your children with foods, teach them that food is essential for needed fuel so the body can heal and produce energy for the day.  Reward them instead with a Mom & me date night, or some special privilege, in essence you will be protecting them from the emotional connections to food addictions later on in life.

If you too find that Sugar is an addiction for you, and you are struggling with conquering the Beast within, know that I too have traveled that winding road and I am here to help you succeed!  Go to http://mkt.com/harvested-health-llc and click on 1 hr. consultation (phone or in person), once you have pre-paid for your appointment.  I can get you scheduled and together we can Conquer the Beast within!!!

As always,

Healthfully yours,

Jodi Barnett N.H.C.

QFA Clinician, Ortho-molecular Nutrition coach,

Raw Food Coach, Student: Doctor of Naturopathy

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The sugar in dried fruit is concentrated, so it is not assimilated as well as in whole fruits.  Adding to your

What does “Back to Basics” have to do with my health?

Easing into a more raw food, less processed over cooked lifestyle

Years ago, when I began to change my diet and that of my family, I was loaded with enthusiasm.  I felt so excited about making healthier food choices.  It became a personal challenge to see what I could make from scratch, or even eliminate altogether.  I made my fair share of mistakes that I am hoping to help you avoid.  Many of the ideas I envisioned initially, led to boat loads of frustration later on.

When you see people who have improved their lives by making positive transformations, and you’re a type-A personality like me; well, I just knew I was going to change the world!, I became so very passionate, I mean I didn’t walk to the diving board, this chick was sprinting, ready—-set—-bombs away!  I think I was labeled secretly by family & friends initially as the “left wing-nut”.  I just couldn’t understand why everyone missed the point and purpose of a healthier lifestyle, when making changes in the way you eat and what types of foods seemed like such a simple thing to change.  Why would anyone want to continue to feel like crap and drag themselves thru their day having to rely on more sugar or caffeine just to find the energy to function or stave off the next headache?

Yet it took years for me to grasp that these are still yet personal choices.  You can incorporate them into your immediate family, meaning spouse, kids, etc. but don’t expect your extended families to be willing to jump on the “healthy transition” train.  I also realized that even with spouses, if your new culinary lifestyle is totally opposite of what they know and believe, ease them in gently.  Incorporating more whole foods into their daily eating routines gradually seems to work better for the peace and harmony within the walls we call home.

If you are feeling ready to try something different than what you have been doing for years, If you are overweight, sluggish, not sleeping well, irritable, irregular bowel habits, skin issues, high blood pressure, cholesterol issues then I have to assume what your doing doesn’t feel like it’s working for you or you’d be looking and feeling like a million bucks.  Take it slowly when it comes to changes in your diet, as well I have found from experience that jumping in both feet first sounds good in the beginning.  However, because it takes time to change a habit, dietary or otherwise, don’t begin by putting too much pressure on yourself.  Instead, try new patterns of eating for specific periods of time perhaps for 3 months.  For instance, eat more raw foods 30% to 50% raw do that for 90 days.  Do your best, then, the best way to judge if it is working for you is ask yourself the pointed question HOW DO I FEEL?

Also note, that you don’t have to do this alone, you can consult with me and gleen 29 years of my experience, to assist you on your journey.

go to http://mkt.com/harvested-health-llc and schedule a 1 hr. consult (phone or in person), once you’ve prepaid for your session, We can get you on my appointment schedule and being the journey of a lifetime.

Healthfully yours,

Jodi Barnett N.H.C.

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The Body is Equipped With Back-Up Systems….

Did you know that the body has to constantly use multiple avenues to keep your inner house as clean as it knows how to? Well it does…. it comes complete with built in checks and balances, filters, ways to neutralize, synthesize, metabolize.  It is pre-programmed to protect it’s domain in a variety of ways via the immune system.  Yet sometimes, those checks and balances seem to come up short.  I like to say for our body to do what it was created by design to do it has an inner tool box equipped with all the tools it needs to get the job done, but over time tools that it requires come up missing.  What are some of the common signs that you may be missing essential tools in your nutritional tool box?

One indication that is common are  people who have high blood pressure. The kidney’s are one of the major factors in maintaining and controlling blood pressure, the kidneys are a filter. We are familiar with common filters in our day to day living like air, oil & water; we can use them for an extended factor of time, then those filters ends up needing to be replaced after they have filtered all they can. When our inner filters are tossing their invisible arms in the air so to speak saying I’m overloaded, the body has to initiate a back up plan. so for those of you who struggle with lung issues  …… guess where you start?

When I’m working with a client who says they have bronchial  issues, or  frequent upper respiratory stuff going on, (includes asthma) they always look at me weird when I start to support their kidneys. Yet, if they do a QFA Analysis, guess what shows up 100% of the time… Weak kidneys.. Yep….

The another important filter our body relies on is the Liver; when it’s running sluggish it will toss elements to a secondary zone to help keep our body running cleaner…. that zone would be one of our largest elimination organs.. which is our skin… so if you have acne, eczema, etc. realize your liver is typically overloaded so it’s moving stuff out of its way in an  attempt to do its job as best as it can given what you are offering it to work with… a.k.a. lousy diet and a lifestyle loaded with chemicals that it has to figure out how to neutralize and properly dispose of…

So  what does that encompass? Our lifestyle habits of processed foods, fried foods, high sugary foods, high stressed environments, lack of sound sleep, dehydration; but also can and usually does include cleaning products which have a variety of harmful chemicals we either breathe in or absorb through our skin, soaps, lotions and even makeup products you apply to your skin . The average woman exposes herself to a wide array of chemicals just getting ready for work everyday. Understand when you buy those items the stronger the “good” smell is normally indicates the more chemicals they are trying to cover up with the artificial scent. Either way, those chemicals don’t just float off into never-never land, they are in your body and your body has to do something with them, normally they are stored where? Body fat,  some also store in body tissue; either way we end up storing stuff that wasn’t meant to be inside our body. I like to use the analogy of that rusty barrel buried in a land fill with toxic bad guys, after time of it sitting there and the barrel rusts, a.k.a. “oxidation damage”, the slow trickle effect begins to poison the ground soil, and the watering system.  So yes it’s true this stuff rarely kills you quickly, it is the slow and steady time release effect.  Which is usually why most people say, “I don’t understand I’ve always been healthy , I hit my 40’s or 50’s and the bottom fell out of my health”.  No it didn’t you chose to bury those nasty drums long time ago, your landfill decided to start rejecting more deposits that’s. all..

There is much more depth and protocol of course; and there is more to the story than just the few areas I touched base on here.

If you’d like some assistance with applying some much-needed change to your diet & lifestyle choices. If you are ready to begin a different journey… If you are looking for one on one assistance that is tailored to what your specific nutritional needs are vs. a one size fits all approach then  click on the link and select the service you are interested in so we can get started http://mkt.com/harvested-health-llc
Healthfully yours,
Dr. Jodi Barnett N.D.
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