Let’s get to movin & groovin……….

  Experience has taught me….. one of the benefits of exercise is it blocks appetite swings, and can actually improve your mood becuz it triggers feel-good endorphins;, it strengthens your resistance to cravings, and it creates a sense of well-being. We know it strengthens our muscles, stimulates new bone growth, circulates the blood, aids inContinue reading “Let’s get to movin & groovin……….”

Meanwhile…. Back in the Kitchen… Homemade Quick Biscuit recipe

Meanwhile…. Back in the Kitchen – Homemade Quick Biscuits (You can toss these together for your holiday vs. the pre-packaged full of chemical biscuits that many revert too because it’s quick. These are quick too. Give um a whirl: 2 Cups Whole wheat flour ( you can sub, gluten free flour such as white orContinue reading “Meanwhile…. Back in the Kitchen… Homemade Quick Biscuit recipe”

STRESS: big business & a universal problem

The boom in prescriptions for anxiety & depression is no accident.  People are depressed for so many reasons, for some it’s because they are overweight; the excess weight robs them of vital energy, both physically & mentally.  They have anxiety attacks because of chemical imbalances in bodies starved for live, enzyme-enriched nutrients.  Hormonal imbalances areContinue reading “STRESS: big business & a universal problem”


Does this feel like YOU most of the time? Working with my clients, the chief complaint seems to be “no energy”, most feel like they are just pulling themselves thru their day and/or using caffeine or energy drinks to force what doesn’t seem to naturally be within them. It is true that our bodies needContinue reading “I NEED ENERGY!!!!!!!!”

My Addictions….. Conquering the Beast within

When I first started this dietary overhaul, one of my major addictions – of my youth, was sugar.  I was totally addicted! Believing that dried fruits were healthy because hey they were fruits right?  When I told myself, cakes, cookies, ice cream, candy those had to go, but hey these dried fruits, I’m stepping itContinue reading “My Addictions….. Conquering the Beast within”

What does “Back to Basics” have to do with my health?

Easing into a more raw food, less processed over cooked lifestyle Years ago, when I began to change my diet and that of my family, I was loaded with enthusiasm.  I felt so excited about making healthier food choices.  It became a personal challenge to see what I could make from scratch, or even eliminateContinue reading “What does “Back to Basics” have to do with my health?”

The Body is Equipped With Back-Up Systems….

Did you know that the body has to constantly use multiple avenues to keep your inner house as clean as it knows how to? Well it does…. it comes complete with built in checks and balances, filters, ways to neutralize, synthesize, metabolize.  It is pre-programmed to protect it’s domain in a variety of ways viaContinue reading “The Body is Equipped With Back-Up Systems….”