The Journey starts with application

“Don’t waste a moment on how to create change until you’ve clarified what you want, why you want it and when you want it.” ___________________________________________________________________________________________ There are so many elements needed to sustain vibrant health: and that is and should be everyone’s goal. Yet confusion abounds regarding the proper way to eat, and the appropriateContinue reading “The Journey starts with application”

Did you make your own butter? wanna use that buttermilk? Here ya go!

For those of you who are realizing after watching my youtube video on how to make your own butter just how easy and self-satisfying it is to make and accomplish.  Now you also have realized you can make your own fresh buttermilk, so here are some great recipes you can try to incorporate that freshContinue reading “Did you make your own butter? wanna use that buttermilk? Here ya go!”

Detoxification & cleansing…..WHY DOES IT HELP!

Each of the detoxification and cleansing programs aim to remove toxins, restore a strong immune system, promote regular elimination, lower body fat, improve circulation and assist with minimizing stress so that your body can effectively resist toxicity. During each program, you will feed your body better than you have ever fed it before! Together withContinue reading “Detoxification & cleansing…..WHY DOES IT HELP!”