“The smallest sprout shows there is really no death.” Walt Whitman Poetry collection Leaves of Grass. Sprouts being consumed as food goes back a solid piece, in 2939 B.C. the emperor of China wrote about the versatile qualities of sprouts. If you fall in the space of vegetarian or vegan, you probably are well acquaintedContinue reading “VIBRANT…. WANNA “SPROUT” YOUR WAY THERE?”

How Do Heavy Metals Get Into Our Bodies?

I get asked this question constantly by my patients when their test results come back showing heavy metal issues. “how do they get into my body”? The truth is it can begin from the womb onward, added that we are exposed daily to a variety of toxic substances. The reality is there are pesticides inContinue reading “How Do Heavy Metals Get Into Our Bodies?”

Three Layers of Protection

Did you realize that our body possesses 3 layers of protective health? Yep, it does, we all are familiar with the 1st layer, it’s what we see and feel and slather all sorts of lotions, soaps & potions on. Did you also realize that the Thyroid controls ALL the functions of all 3 of theseContinue reading “Three Layers of Protection”

Sound and Music, Medicinal?

We all know that sounds, such as music, are soothing, yet sometimes stimulating or even irritating vibrations. Music has been shown however to help aid the healing process and just make life more pleasant. Viktoras Kulvinskas has written, “The harmonies and rhythms present in music heal and stimulate the subtle bodies of people. Music inducesContinue reading “Sound and Music, Medicinal?”

Anxiety and The Stress Effect Combo!

These two “sisters” as I like to refer to them can really be heavy hitters when it comes to the quality of our health factor. Anxiety is the most common psychiatric disorder in North America. 65% of North Americans take prescription medications daily, 43% take mood altering prescriptions on a regular basis. Paxil and ZoloftContinue reading “Anxiety and The Stress Effect Combo!”