My Addictions….. Conquering the Beast within

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When I first started this dietary overhaul, one of my major addictions – of my youth, was sugar.  I was totally addicted! Believing that dried fruits were healthy because hey they were fruits right?  When I told myself, cakes, cookies, ice cream, candy those had to go, but hey these dried fruits, I’m stepping it up… Dried fruit, I came to realize, can substitute as the junk food for the raw foodist.  So raisins, prunes, dates, dried figs etc.  Guess what in excess, they can cause just as much sugar imbalances, tooth problems and disturbed digestion, just as table sugar can.  I found myself eating them on a pretty regular basis.

The sugar in dried fruit is concentrated, so it’s not assimilated as well as in whole fruits (hence the natural enzymes that aid and assist in digesting are not left intact with the drying process).  Adding to your woes, it sticks to your teeth, and can cause tooth decay if the teeth are not brushed after eating it.  You also need to read the labels, (I did).. because most of the dried fruits packaged in commercial grocery stores have sugar added (which baffled me as to the need) as well as corn syrup.  Talk about a food industry that has connected the dots with sugar addiction in our country.

I found that a better venue is to purchase dried fruit through health food stores or food co-ops, which generally have knowledgeable staff to assist you.  It has been my experience that the smaller locally owned stores take time researching ingredients before stocking products, as they tend to use the products in their own lives.  A good idea is to pre-soak and rinse the dried fruits before using; this will reduce the sugar content to a degree.

This was a rough road to conquer for me as growing up sugary foods were used as rewards, comfort foods, they were a way that Mom said I love you….. As I know Mom meant well, essentially what it did was set me up for years of health battles with my digestive system, yeast overgrowth, colon issues, migraine headaches etc. So what I tell my clients who have children don’t ever reward your children with foods, teach them that food is essential for needed fuel so the body can heal and produce energy for the day.  Reward them instead with a Mom & me date night, or some special privilege, in essence you will be protecting them from the emotional connections to food addictions later on in life.

If you too find that Sugar is an addiction for you, and you are struggling with conquering the Beast within, know that I too have traveled that winding road and I am here to help you succeed!  Go to and click on 1 hr. consultation (phone or in person), once you have pre-paid for your appointment.  I can get you scheduled and together we can Conquer the Beast within!!!

As always,

Healthfully yours,

Jodi Barnett N.H.C.

QFA Clinician, Ortho-molecular Nutrition coach,

Raw Food Coach, Student: Doctor of Naturopathy

Harvested Health LLC

The sugar in dried fruit is concentrated, so it is not assimilated as well as in whole fruits.  Adding to your


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