Does Negative emotions affect your body?

  Many of my client’s during the course of a consultation as we are going over whatever it is that is ailing them physically, I wouldn’t offer a complete consult if we didn’t also address what is silently churning in the backdrop called “emotions”. Negative emotions can tend to affect particular organs. Emotional baggage canContinue reading “Does Negative emotions affect your body?”

Why is “what we eat” important?

Why is “what we eat” important? Let me try to make the subsistence of the “cells” purpose in our bodies simplified. Cells are complex they are multi-cellular organisms, they can be divided & still retain their function and characteristics of life. The cell is the MOST important unit in the human body.Your cell structure isContinue reading “Why is “what we eat” important?”

What does being an Orthomolecular Naturopathic Doctor Mean?

Many have asked what does being an “Orthomolecular Naturopathic Doctor” mean??? Well here ya go…………. The difference between Allopathic medicine & Orthomolecular Nutrition: Medicine uses drugs to treat dis-ease Orthomolecular Nutrition uses food and herbal/supplements to nourish your body and we seek to remove dietary stressors that maybe challenging your normal physical functions in the way ofContinue reading “What does being an Orthomolecular Naturopathic Doctor Mean?”