What’s a digestive system supposed to do?


What’s a digestive system supposed to do?

Well, for your food to actually be processed and absorbed by the body, and for that to be a success that is only going to take place via. Enzyme assistance. These digestive enzymes expedite the digesting of the food (means it makes it happen faster). Now, God knew all this when he created our amazing body, it is His design. (no big bang theory here)….

Yet what was never supposed to be in the mix was the wonderful add-on of “shelf stable foods”. Those wonderful convenient foods that in order to make them last longer contain additives/preservatives that render the enzymes in the food useless so the food doesn’t spoil.
So the canned, boxed, refined, heat treated, pasteurized, radiated, micro-waved packaged, processed foods ( I hear Twinkies have mastered time travel, you can bury one in the package and dig it up a century later and actually eat it, should look, smell and taste the same, how’s, that for progress) actually start to do damage to the production of your natural enzymes within.

Many people’s natural production of these enzymes are quite low which can be supplemented, and once you have traded the fake foods for the real deal, then your body can go about fixing and healing what was malfunctioning. But in the mean time understand you may need to offer some assistance in this area with regards to some HCL and pepsin  (PDA Combination) which is a supplement that has Hydrochloric acid & pepsin to offer some added assistance for ya. Great stuff. If your HCL production has been “low”, your natural enzyme production will be as well so incorporating some food enzymes  in conjunction with the HCL can offer wonderful digestive assistance.

There is more going on than you think with regards to enzymes within the body.
The enzymes our body produces serve another purpose too, they are needed to actually detox the elimination process. They can turn a food element that is fat soluble and the waste into water soluble for easier elimination. So when we have less and less enzymes available in the body to be used, we get a overload of stuff that should not be there. Allergens, pollution, heavy metals, and normal toxins that occur from inner function and use all need the help of enzymes to assist with taking out the trash and processing what goes on in the factory. They participate as well, with maintaining the proper pH ratio within our digestive track, which really is huge when it comes to keeping inflammation in check.

When you were born and as your digestive system began to mature, there was a production factory taking place in the small intestines, and the colon, so you see it isn’t just an elimination factory it is also a production factory as well, so you may be asking what gets manufactured there? Probiotics, these probiotics are really close to enzymes but our system needs friendly fighters to help process our food and to absorb it too.
If your body is producing enough of its own probiotics these are the “good guys” which on average a healthy count of 1000 trillion or so is what should be there. They set up their camp in the intestinal tube both small and large. On a good day, they actually account for about 10% of one’s total body weight. Pretty good huh!!!! Most people have heard of Acidophilis,     and Bifidophilus,    bifodthough there are others, I’m not going to hit you with more information overload here. Yet what really is the big deal about all these probiotics anyway?

Well, they obviously have their part to play which would be:
• Boosting your immune system
• Forming B-vitamins (which most people are depleted in)
• Production of additional enzymes
• Production of defense aspects to do battle
• Reduces liver stress (this is a good one)
• Prevents clogged pipes… constipation
Yet many over the course of their lives have taken an “anti-biotic” which can really do a number and wipe out much of that beneficial probiotics army that really needs to be in place within. So truth be told, you really should make this a priority to supplement into your daily routine for continued health. You can go to www.harvestedhealth.mynsp.com and look up Acidophilus (90 count caps), or Bifidophilus Flora Force(great for yeast overgrowth issues) (90 count caps), or probiotics Eleven (90 count caps).
All of these are great to add; in fact I recommend making a point to rotate between the 3 of them. I don’t mean daily, I mean when you finish a bottle of one, switch to the other so you are building your army of probiotics up in a more complete fashion.


ALL PRODUCTS MENTIONED IN THE POST …. can be viewed and purchased at http://www.harvestedhealth.mynsp.com

As always, from your bonafide Health Nut

Dr. Jodi Barnett N.D.


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