Experience has taught me,,, you don’t “catch” a cold you earn it…..Sneezing? Congested? Let’s talk

With this time of the year, many struggle with sneezing, or congested breathing, over all body fatigue… Some believe or refer to it as “seasonal” allergies, “cold”.

I’d like to touch bases on the “common cold” aspect for just a sec….. For many long years scientists have been on that elusive hunt to find and isolate and identify a germ they can say is what causes the “common cold”…. I read that somewhere in the 1920’s science stated that they made the discovery of a lifetime… a “germ” that they felt was absolutely responsible for the common cold. this next part throws me… “BUT IT WAS TOO SMALL & ELUSIVE TO BE CAUGHT or EVEN VISIBLE BY MEANS OF THE MOST POWERFUL MICROSCOPES AVAILABLE. Yet…. they found the germ responsible”!!? Now think about what that says, the germ is to small & elusive to be caught, yet we are told we “caught a cold”…. and it is too small to be visible with whatever microscopes they had available in the 1920’s… Hmmmmm

From some of the available research, I have not seen any research that states they have “caught” the germ responsible to be blamed for the common cold. I mean they obviously have identified many different germs, bacteria and viruses, but none of them have be able to “start” a cold. Yet the germs, viruses and bacteria are able to feed on the mucous of Common Colds, which is the very purpose for which they were created. Namely to dissolve, break up, decompose and dispose of the mucus that manifests the Common Cold. So we are told that certain virus’s cause the common cold, yet, even for a virus to breed it has to have something to “feed” on, that would be an overload of mucous .  Which the virus didn’t cause, the substance was already in place building to a state of over abundance, typically from the state of inflammation beginning.

Work with me here for a bit….

Electricity in your home works from fuses & breakers. Correct?
So what happens when the circuit is overheated because you overloaded that circuit with too much electrical draw? Does a “germ” send you a text message to alert you that a fuse/circuit will blow out or that overheating the fuse/circuit can in some cases cause a house fire? Nope, not likely.
I’m no electrician, but I believe what is supposed to happen is the fuse is suppose to blow, or the circuit will “trip”, however if for some reason there is a malfunction, a possible house fire can be caused. Now, how does this compare to what happens in your body when you “catch a cold”? stay with me for a minute and I think I can make this come alive….

When there is waste build up in the body, when it is not eliminated, it builds and in some people backs up and what happens when you dump yard food scrapes in a pile in your yard and you call it “compost”? It ferments as it ferments it generates “Heat”, which in this case the heat is being generated in the body; this is how it is supposed to work by the way. However, when waste has fermented and reached a toxic state in the body, the built in alert systems within become worried and sends a signal that we have been neglecting our inner house keeping, what is one of those signals? Mucous elimination which has been labeled “a cold”.

It is just as simple…. really…. as that, when the warning is ignored and disregarded, more serious conditions pop up. Or worse yet, we are so irritated with the mucus, we take some over the counter remedy to “dry” it up….. Why? the body created the tidal wave it needed to wash it OUT! so stop working against your body and work with it. NOW here comes the big money question… people deal with “common”cold like episodes around what times of the year? Typically SPRING & LATE FALL , EARLY WINTER. The body is doing house cleaning before each of those seasons.

So a cold is something you “earn” not something you “catch”, it is the result of too much accumulated waste & improper or sluggish elimination. The colon is usually the recipient of all this accumulated waste. Yet toxins obviously spread thru the body generating unhealthy mucus; many have experienced “sinus mucus”. We can run fevers because the body is turning up the thermostat to cook the waste, open the lymph system and use the largest elimination organ the skin to aid and assist with removing some trash, then usually after that the fever pops on the scene, the south pole, (a.k.a. Da colon)… turns into a bit of a raging river taking out the trash thru that method. The sinus cavity does it’s part too and we get “red nose” syndrome and we sneeze & blow out STUFF from there too.

So if this is all a natural part of housecleaning why do so many people curse & complain, I KNOW IT DOESN’T FEEL LIKE A COMFY STROLL DOWN A SANDY BEACH. but be glad that our body knows what to do in spite of our choices folks…. and if you don’t prefer to “earn” a cold, then stop putting so much into your body that requires such drastic housecleaning to take place.

So what do you do when you notice this uncomfortable event is making it’s presence known? If it was ME, I’d start with an enema, and fruit juices (with a juicer), fast for a couple of days with nothing but lemon water and properly prepared juices, potassium broth or even warm vegetable broth. Also,remember the more raw foods and juices you consume, can simply be the best preventative to over accumulation of waste & mucus in the body especially the colon. So that means to lighten the load of what types of foods you are eating and instead take in foods that are simple for the body to process.

Think of it this way, when you drive your car and rack up a lot of miles people are familiar with changing the oil, why?  Well the oil begins to thicken and makes it harder to circulate through the motor.  Guess what, the body really isn’t all that different, boat loads more complicated YES, but same concept applies, the body and all its marvelous functions never take a vacation, so since most folks never go out of their way to change or reduce the amount of comfort foods, breads, pasta’s, meats, refined sugars, gravies, sauces, dairy, etc. you get a build up inside and I believe that our bodies have a pre-set desire to encourage a seasonal cleansing routine as our calendar moves from one season into the next which if you pay attention are when the highest likelihood of peeps suffering from cold symptoms.

There are certain juice combinations that work better, and certain food combinations that can help your body with thinning and clearing out accumulated mucous.  There are also some wonderful herbal cleansing options that you can incorporate as well.

Might I recommend committing to some well needed time to incorporate a 2 week cleanse at least twice a year.  I personally incorporate it quarterly, but twice a year will reap some healthy benefits.

And If you like some personal one on one direction and guidance with your inner housecleaning.  you can go to and see which one of my programs would be a good fit for you.

Healthfully yours,

Jodi Barnett N.D.

QFA Clinician


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To Know More….The Nuts & Bolts


Have you every thought about starting a diet or getting healthier but didn’t? Or perhaps you started one and then quit?  What about going to the gym or committing to yourself to become more active and healthy?  I am sure everyone has but the real question is, what is really going on with you in these situation?
The truth is that your body tells you daily that you can be doing better.  It is constantly sending you messages (masked as symptoms) for you to eat better, lose weight, sleep deeper, move more and make extra time for self-love so that you can have more energy, age slower, experience an active sex drive and enjoy boundless health.  It is these signals that send a surge of motivation to change and to act.  The problem is that your deep rooted self-sabotaging habits revolt and work on overdrive to keep you in familiar routines by prioritizing things far less important before your own health.

Here is what I want for each one of my clients:

  • I want you to learn to listen to your body when it is speaking to you, it’s telling you what it needs.
  • I want you to live longer.
  • I want you to age appropriately
  • I want those wrinkles to soften and for you to have beautiful skin.
  • I want you to lose weight, if necessary and have more energy
  • I want your organs to thrive and to stay in good shape for your entire life.
  • I want what your body wants and I jump in heart and soul to equip you with the tools to start your transformation.
  • I partner with the part of you that motivates you to act and get healthy and I battle against the part of you that tries to stop you from achieving greater health.
  • I stay consistent until habits merge with your goals.
  • BUT, you are the one who has to do the work!

Integrative Medicine’s approach to health and medical treatment is an entirely different way of thinking.  Instead of just treating symptoms, I look upstream as far as I can to find the cause of health issues.  Where conventional medicine is focused on finding disease that can be treated with drugs or surgery, a functional integrative approach looks for the root causes and makes that the starting point.

An integrative functional approach does not mean that I will just replace your medicines with herbs.  That is still just managing symptoms.  A typical plan will likely address diet, sleep, relationships, stress and exercise.  I might however, use supplements and herbs to help manage symptoms while we work on the deeper changes.  I may also decide to incorporate other modalities like chiropractic, acupuncture which I have practitioners who I partner with for referrals.

Each person is unique, and therefore assessment and programs are tailored to your situation.  I discuss options and decide together what you want to tackle, and strategize how to actually accomplish your goals.

If you want to know more about me, here are some questions that I am often asked that may be helpful to you:

  1. What type of clients do you work best with?

I see the best results with those who have reached many of their goals in life and now feel like their health is holding them back.  They are ready to take the steps needed to change their health and are open to trying a new approach.  They don’t have to be gourmet chefs, but  at least be open to learning and experiencing greater comfort and know-how in their own kitchen.

2. How is what you offer different than traditional nutritionists?

Well typically most nutritionists offer solutions that stick to the guidelines which follow the food pyramid from the ADA.  I take into consideration that each person is unique in their own right which means they each have their own nutritional needs.  What works for one person, isn’t going to be the best across the board,  We are not a one size fits all world.

My clients look to me for personalized coaching and support on things as specific as food allergies, food sensitivities, digestive issues, yeast overgrowth, endocrine imbalances (hormonal), blood pressure and cholesterol balance, blood sugar control through their diet and as general as “how can I get meals on my table faster?”  While most nutritionists dwell on lists of good/bad foods.  I work with clients to create a  whole food diet that incorporates of course more plants and for those that still want meat in their diets as some body types actually require the addition of meat into their nutritional routine.  So helping them to reach their goals in a way that can be flexible and fun and benefits the health and well being of their entire family, so they don’t feel like they are making separate meals for everyone. No one has time to feel like a short order cook.

3. What is your approach to eating healthy?

Well you will be excited to hear it doesn’t have to turn your busy, successful lifestyle upside down and doesn’t involve gimmicks or be overly expensive.  You do have to be willing to spend time in your kitchen preparing whole foods and I also offer you guidance on how not to derail yourself when traveling and eating out.  I can offer you short cut suggestions and teach you how to incorporate prep -cooking techniques that will be time well spent to move you from the kitchen to the dining table with less hassle.

4.  What’s it like working with you once I become a client?

After we complete your initial session, which consists of a one-hour private consultation where we get to meet each other and see if we are the right fit, you can expect to make the transition a pleasurable part of your life.

I provide on-going support during and in-between our sessions to make sure you have the guidance needed to reach all of your health goals.  We can speak over the phone for our weekly calls depending on what program you choose, and I’ll outline up to three, personalized, very simple actions steps to upgrade your nutrition at each session.

Each session will build upon the previous one, creating momentum and lasting results, delivered with lots of support and encouragement.

5.  How can I sample your work before I sign up?

You can sign up for my FREE blog .  Once you have added your email address you will always receive notification every time I post a new article, recipe or health tip.  This is a great way for you to get to know me, my work and if it feels like it’s a fit to what you’ve been looking for. So you can take the time to pour through the numerous topics, recipes and anatomy lessons I have there.

6. What kind of programs do you offer?

I invite you to take a look at my programs here.  I offer a range of programs for different needs, and budgets and if I feel that I can absolutely help you, I’ll go over them in great detail with you in your initial session.  By the way, I offer telephone sessions too so geography doesn’t have to be an issue.

7. So what does it take to experience the benefits of working together?

In over a decade of professional teaching and mentoring and consulting, here are what I believe to be the necessary steps to reach your physical, emotional and wellness goals.  These 4 steps are important for your success:

  1. Clarify: The first step is knowing what results you want to achieve.  What is your reason for a more natural approach for supporting your health? What is the end result you desire?  You will need to get clear on the big picture of your personal journey and then step two becomes effortless.
  2. Commit:  Without a commitment to regular application, as with anything in life, results can be expected to be minimal.  Many people never move past step two because they have not found the greater purpose for what being healthy is supposed to feel like.  If you find yourself struggling, repeat step one.  The bottom line: what you put into any program is what you will get out.
  3. Direct: As you move further into making your lifestyle changes, your willpower will get stronger and you will find your drive and desire enhancing.  This comes with proper direction and support of a good teacher.  For some it will be about re-connecting with their love of self in a natural and non-dogmatic way; for others it will be about learning new life strategies for enhancing everyday living; for some it will be about removing self-limiting and self-destructive behaviors that hinder their forward progress and others their practice will be about cultivating energy for health, vitality, self-love, anti-aging support, anxiety-relief and body confidence and really this list of positives is ongoing.
  4. Application: Everything you will learn in your sessions spent with me will be applicable to everyday living.  You will learn how to apply what you learn in each session to improve the quality of your life through stronger health and vitality.  Your wealth is in your health; when you are feeling healthy and strong everything else in life is achievable.
  5. Refine: The nature of learning new habits and applying as well as experiencing the benefits provides ample opportunities to make subtle, yet powerful adjustments to suit your unique lifestyle and schedules.  This results in making who you are and everything you do better.
  6. Live: with ongoing practice, you will be applying and experiencing the benefits and deeper insights that equip you with the tools for continuous personal growth that can be used to assist you in living fully and achieving your personal and even professional goals.  When we feel clear headed and have higher levels of physical energy it boosts our productivity in all levels of what we call “our lives.”


Jodi Barnett N.D., Orthomolecular Nutritionist, QFA Clinician

To Me, living well means so much more than how one looks on the outside physically.

I took my passion for healthy living and created  an inspiring educational approach that awakens my clients innate desire to tap into their unique rhythms for a healthier more joyous living.

The healthful and practical nutritional choices  need to provide fuel for your body and mind to enhance your quality of life.

I believe strongly that every single individual has the power within them to honor themselves by achieving a healthier mind and body.  The journey is easier than you think when you have the right information to assist you.  I teach clients how to make small nutritional changes that reap big results in their health.

I bring a combination of my professional qualifications, consulting experience and personal journey to all my consultations allow me to share…



True health begins at home, the heart of where we rest and recharge.  The relationships we have with ourselves, our partners, families, and physical dwelling impact hugely on and may determine the state of our health.  Integrating healthy lifestyle and eating habits into our home environment is one of the most powerful tools we have over our health and long-term wellness and happiness.



Children are the future; they are the next generation.  They hold in their power the ability to build a world greater than we ever could have fathomed for ourselves.  Healthy children from a healthy  living home will yield healthy leaders, communities, and life.. Children are like sponges.  They absorb what is around them.  Engage in healthy living, healthy foods, and self-nurture and you will raise children where healthy living is second nature. We must lead by example, you won’t fool them into being healthy.



I believe each person  brings with them a unique life routine.  We need to honor our respective rhythm or we risk being overly influenced by our peers and society.

Consistently staying in sync with our unique human blueprint allows us to thrive in every aspect of our lives.  Authenticity in emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical realms keeps us connected to our source and feeds that inner calm.

Reconnecting to our inner selves may always feel like a journey, but just as you pause and reflect upon different aspects in your life; perhaps your career or life direction, it is important from time to time to take a step back and reflect on your daily rhythms/routines; your food choices, sleep patterns, exercise and more – then the hard part is to reevaluate whether or not they are serving you in a positive or negative way.



Once you learn the various health and nutritional options you do have, you will feel empowered to make new choices that prove to be both satisfying and beneficial, and your desire to have a body, mind and soul that blossoms into it’s healthier version by design.



Healthy living doesn’t translate into being deprived…. It is about incorporating slight changes that yield big gains.  Its really is about tailoring your efforts to your circumstances and your needs so that everything you implement works for you and your life.



The quality of the food you put into your body influences the quality of your thoughts and your thoughts will color every experience in your life.  Eating healthier leads to a clean and clear body, mind and soul.  Choose wisely instead of leaning on convenience due to lack of planning ahead for your daily schedule.



No one can improve your health but yourself.  No one can take responsibility for your choices.  No one can control you unless you allow them too.  Taking ALL responsibility may seem daunting, but with all responsibility also comes all the power.  The power is yours.  Own it by empowering yourself.  I will show you how when we work together.


Healthfully yours,

Jodi Barnett N.D., Orthomolecular Nutritionist,

QFA Clinician.

Harvested Health LLC

(Sharing is Caring, so feel free to share my posts, articles etc. with those who you feel are looking for a different way).

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More people are deficient in key minerals than they realize, and there are symptoms that are often overlooked.  Below are some symptoms that one may experience if they are in fact deficient in potassium.

Don’t just look for these symptoms in yourself, but a large majority that I am now seeing are in Children!


Fears, easily startled by noises.

Mood swings.

  • Skin can feel like its crawling from underneath.
  • Brain functions poorly during the day & better at night.
  • Sleep is troubled and restless, dreams feel vivid; habits alternate.
  • The body is tender to touch. ( FIBROYMALGIA folks fall in this category too)
    Ambition and drive feel absent.
  • Noise interferes with speech and thought processes.

Sensitive to weather changes.
Prone to depression.

The body chemistry is adversely affected by mental imbalances, increasing acid formation and taste for destructive habits especially pertaining to foods.
Because potassium is vital for attracting oxygen to the tissues, lack of it reduces lax muscles and can weaken heart. Digestion and assimilation of albumin, fibrin, gelatinous foods and sugars are impaired.

  • Headaches
  • sweating
  • dry skin
  • numbness with tingling neuritis
  • muscular atrophy
  • nerve sensitivity
  • tenderness and weakness in tendons and muscles
  • pain in lower back of head (can bring on a powerful headache)
  • poor bowel activity
  • crawling sensation in feet beneath skin or at roots of teeth
  • skin itches,
  • rosy patches on skin
  • itching around former injuries and scars
  • Tossing and turning at night
  • Dizziness
  • bottoms of feet are often red, burning tender or swollen
  • Feet seem weak and unable to provide good support
  • Walking causes weakness
  • Nose and throat suffer, may feel like food sticks in the throat
  • Pains and aches in the stomach
  • The bladder burns and aches
  • Ticklish in the nose, and shooting pains in the jaw
  • Parotids (salivary glands) are swollen and arteries are weak

Diabetes, which involves reduced tolerance to sugar, indicates a lack of potassium. Tissue waste products, tissue water, acid and glucose stress the kidneys. In time, the sugar that is refused by the body passes thru the kidneys and is often diagnosed as kidney diseases when potassium hunger is the actual cause.
Potassium and iron is needed for energy, if the body has lost the power to utilize potassium the oxygen supply is also diminished.

Massage, osteopathy, chiropractic and electrical treatments homoepathic remedies, allopathic drugs alone are not sufficient methods; proper diet MUST be followed too.

























Healthfully yours,

Jodi Barnett N.D.

Harvested Health LLC.

If you’d like some assistance with your Nutritional Battle Plan, you can go to and schedule a consultation and we will get you on my appointment schedule.



I can already hear folks saying “what, thought we are supposed to reduce our sodium intake?”,  understanding there is a difference between the table salt and the naturally occurring sodium that we find in our plant family is light years apart.


  • Mental symptoms can include:
  • Depressions
  • quarrelsome
  • Faulty memory
  • difficult thinking and recall
  • No logical basis for fears
  • critical
  • antisocial
  • sorrowful
  • sleepy restless
  • Arguments
  • traffic noises
  • household noises fray nerves

Dreams can feel unsettling, and fear inspired. Sleeplessness between hours of 1 and 5 am. Insomnia.
SOUTH POLE MOVEMENT: (bowels)Intestinal
One with sodium deficiency can be prone to constipation, liver, pancreas, skin nerves, and brain actions being slowed and feeling impaired.



Organic sodium carbonate enhances digestion and stimulates activity of the stomach walls. Oxygen in the blood and carbon gases found in the body are benefitted by it; with it, decomposed protein by products are eliminated more efficiently.

Pain may develop in the small of the back, with trembling nerve, unexplained fever, headache, thirst, lip blisters, chills, indigestion, poor appetite, sluggish colon, ballooned bowel, poor vision, pimples, falling hair, pain in sides, throat issues, dizziness and stiff and painful tendons.


The lungs and breathing patterns are often altered when sodium is depleted, causing asthma, chest tightness, sneezing and the common cold.
Low sodium can  also affect the function of the pancreas and blood sugar levels, leading towards hypoglycemia episodes (low blood sugar).


FOODS TO THE RESCUE: I’m going to give you some food suggestions that are naturally highest in “organic” sodium (meaning the body can use it without the same side-effects that basic table salt brings with it)





Dried Apricots












Dandelion Greens




Swiss Chard




Black Olives (rinsed)





Peppers (red, green, yellow, including the hot varieties)



Water Chestnuts



Raw Cashews



Sesame Seeds

Sunflower seeds







Egg Yolks



Bone Broth (including the bone joints)


So if you find that some of the above symptoms are ones that are giving you grief, then might I suggest you adding more of the food items I’ve listed above into your daily diet and see if these symptoms begin to be a thing of the past.

You need to realize that sodium is one of the key minerals that our body needs for many functions to occur.  So many people are on sodium restricted diets because of blood pressure issues, weight issues, or if they hold water (Edema) they may be on a diuretic medication which is also going to flush the much needed sodium out as well.

Give these suggestions just two-weeks  of being incorporated into your daily meal intake, and draw your own conclusion. See  if you notice a difference in your sleep patter, your mood pattern, your bowel pattern.

Knowledge only brings power if one APPLIES the knowledge.

Healthfully yours,

Jodi Barnett N.D.

Harvested Health LLC.