Asparagus: who knew….

Food Tip Tuesday:
The wonders of Asparagus

*contains an alkaloid called Asparagine, the value of this alkaloid for our health
*natural diuretic particularly when combined with some carrots,
*supports kidney/urinary health
*helpful for diabetes and anemia when used in conjunction with other veggies..
Now. I’m talking about either eating raw, chopped in salads or “juiced”. when asparagus is cooked ( many cook it until it’s limp and nasty) you are losing the value of the alkaloid as the hydrogen and oxygen are dissipated and the natural salts formed by the combination of this alkaloid are virtually lost or their value destroyed.
By using as a juice in conjunction with carrots, it helps break up oxalic acid crystals in the kidneys and thru the muscular system. it is good for rheumatism, neuritis. Rheumatism results from the end product of digestion of meat and meat products with generate excessive amounts of urea (according to Dr. Norman Walker)
Continuous consumption of meat proteins can tax the workings of the kidneys and eliminative organs, straining them to the point where progressively smaller amounts of uric acid is eliminated and a greater amount is then absorbed by the muscles. The end result is painful and referred to as rheumatism.
This is also one of the underlying causes for prostate gland issues, in which case this juice combination, in addition to the carrot, beet and cucumber juice has been quite helpful.

The Body is Equipped With Back-Up Systems….

Did you know that the body has to constantly use multiple avenues to keep your inner house as clean as it knows how to? Well it does…. it comes complete with built in checks and balances, filters, ways to neutralize, synthesize, metabolize.  It is pre-programmed to protect it’s domain in a variety of ways via the immune system.  Yet sometimes, those checks and balances seem to come up short.  I like to say for our body to do what it was created by design to do it has an inner tool box equipped with all the tools it needs to get the job done, but over time tools that it requires come up missing.  What are some of the common signs that you may be missing essential tools in your nutritional tool box?

One indication that is common are  people who have high blood pressure. The kidney’s are one of the major factors in maintaining and controlling blood pressure, the kidneys are a filter. We are familiar with common filters in our day to day living like air, oil & water; we can use them for an extended factor of time, then those filters ends up needing to be replaced after they have filtered all they can. When our inner filters are tossing their invisible arms in the air so to speak saying I’m overloaded, the body has to initiate a back up plan. so for those of you who struggle with lung issues  …… guess where you start?

When I’m working with a client who says they have bronchial  issues, or  frequent upper respiratory stuff going on, (includes asthma) they always look at me weird when I start to support their kidneys. Yet, if they do a QFA Analysis, guess what shows up 100% of the time… Weak kidneys.. Yep….

The another important filter our body relies on is the Liver; when it’s running sluggish it will toss elements to a secondary zone to help keep our body running cleaner…. that zone would be one of our largest elimination organs.. which is our skin… so if you have acne, eczema, etc. realize your liver is typically overloaded so it’s moving stuff out of its way in an  attempt to do its job as best as it can given what you are offering it to work with… a.k.a. lousy diet and a lifestyle loaded with chemicals that it has to figure out how to neutralize and properly dispose of…

So  what does that encompass? Our lifestyle habits of processed foods, fried foods, high sugary foods, high stressed environments, lack of sound sleep, dehydration; but also can and usually does include cleaning products which have a variety of harmful chemicals we either breathe in or absorb through our skin, soaps, lotions and even makeup products you apply to your skin . The average woman exposes herself to a wide array of chemicals just getting ready for work everyday. Understand when you buy those items the stronger the “good” smell is normally indicates the more chemicals they are trying to cover up with the artificial scent. Either way, those chemicals don’t just float off into never-never land, they are in your body and your body has to do something with them, normally they are stored where? Body fat,  some also store in body tissue; either way we end up storing stuff that wasn’t meant to be inside our body. I like to use the analogy of that rusty barrel buried in a land fill with toxic bad guys, after time of it sitting there and the barrel rusts, a.k.a. “oxidation damage”, the slow trickle effect begins to poison the ground soil, and the watering system.  So yes it’s true this stuff rarely kills you quickly, it is the slow and steady time release effect.  Which is usually why most people say, “I don’t understand I’ve always been healthy , I hit my 40’s or 50’s and the bottom fell out of my health”.  No it didn’t you chose to bury those nasty drums long time ago, your landfill decided to start rejecting more deposits that’s. all..

There is much more depth and protocol of course; and there is more to the story than just the few areas I touched base on here.

If you’d like some assistance with applying some much-needed change to your diet & lifestyle choices. If you are ready to begin a different journey… If you are looking for one on one assistance that is tailored to what your specific nutritional needs are vs. a one size fits all approach then  click on the link and select the service you are interested in so we can get started
Healthfully yours,
Dr. Jodi Barnett N.D.
QFA Clinician, Orthomolecular practitioner,

Harvested Health LLC.

The Untold Truth!

Most of us spend more time than we realize keeping our stuff clean.  We take bathes, wash our dirty dishes, vacuum and shampoo our carpets, wash our cars, our clothing.  But it isn’t just the outside of the body and our outer environment that needs to be cleaned.  We need to decide to clean on the inside too.

We devote a lot of time and energy keeping the items we own “clean”, we look at what we can SEE, but what about the stuff we can’t see?”


We eat and drink; then the body incorporates what we refer to as “metabolism” which means it has to be converted for energy.  The body then as a result, creates waste products from the foods we consume.  The bodies ability to “take out the trash” or eliminate these by products is vital and so important that God built in different systems for breaking them down and tossing them to the curb.  We don’t give much thought to our lymph system, liver, kidneys, colon sweat glands, oil ducts (acne).  Truth be told that our bodies would somewhat suffocate in its own waste in a couple of days without these elimination systems God built in. They don’t get to put in for vacation either.

The reality is that many people are walking around with any one or several of these elimination systems dangerously clogged or blocked up.  Just like a chimney, furnace, or filter in your vehicle, when your body starts to get “dirty”, the health diminishes.  If even one or more of thes detoxification systems decreases by just a mere 10 or 20%, it “slowly”, “gradually” begins the domino  effect on your energy (which we tend to notice 1st) then it chips away at the vitality of our health.

The first signal/symptom we experience when there is an accumulation in our inner trash removal system is usually noted in a decrease in physical/mental energy!


If you can look at your body like your home, which sports 5 chimneys, (lymph, liver, kidneys, skin & colon).  When any of these chimneys start to clog up; more demand begins to be placed on the other 4.  One of the first things I do when a client comes to me and has skin disorders (acne, eczema, psoriasis). we begin cleaning out the colon. Yet sadly what many end up doing first is to medicate instead of clean out.

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