STRESS: big business & a universal problem


The boom in prescriptions for anxiety & depression is no accident.  People are depressed for so many reasons, for some it’s because they are overweight; the excess weight robs them of vital energy, both physically & mentally.  They have anxiety attacks because of chemical imbalances in bodies starved for live, enzyme-enriched nutrients.  Hormonal imbalances are at an all-time high.  I have two words:  REAL FOOD!

Are any of you searching for answers?  Are you searching for some hope?  Here is my version of both.  The consequences of eating a high-fat/high sugar diet are well-researched.  American society consumes higher amounts of concentrated fats(the bad ones), sugars and chemically rich foods, more than any other country.  Our cancer ratios are higher, our coronary heart-disease ratio is higher and the majority of our diabetic diagnoses reside in the population of our youth today, NOT the elderly.

Why are we struggling with all this depression, anxiety and over the top health issues?  Look at our countries dietary habits!  If food is altered to the point that it is actually void of nutrients our bodies need to function, our digestive health becomes compromised.  This then causes a pH imbalance that can lead to problems – with acid reflux & heartburn, constipation and IBS being some of the most common reasons for doctor visits.

There is a direct connection between our digestive nature in the “gut”, and our psychological health.  Stress “folks” is nothing new; it’s been around from the beginning of time.  In contrast, when our health is balanced and our bodies are in harmony, we naturally cope better with what life tosses at us!  As things now stand, many of us have digestive systems on overload.  Our diets are empty, due to regularly eating foods that are over cooked and over processed and fall into the category of “fake” food.

Most leading vegetarian and vegan experts recommend a diet with about 10-15% of the calories coming from fat.  Sad to say, I have met many vegetarians who are overweight.  They live on very high-fat diets and simple carbohydrate intake.  Yes we need fats & oils in our diets, but they need to be unrefined.  Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils further tax our bodies, and were never part of our natural diets.  On these food regimens, people tend to consume more refined oils and lots of carbohydrates in the forms of pastas, crackers, breads, etc.  So on average, more than 50% of the calories come from fat, and often up to 70%.

One of the side effects of an unhealthy diet is the loss of our digestive ability to metabolize sweets.  It’s been proven that high-fat diets decrease insulin sensitivity (the effectiveness of insulin in carrying sugar to the cells), and thus what happens is blood sugar levels go up because the more fat our bodies house the more insulin resistant the body becomes.  So those living on high fat diets will inevitably experience more blood sugar swings when they eat something sweet including fruits.  The problem isn’t the fruit, but the high amounts of fat consumes.  Once you reduce the amount of over processed, fatty foods, you body will utilize the fruit sugar better.  Now don’t misunderstand me I am not outlawing fat in the diet, it is very NECESSARY, when you are reaching for the right kinds.  Essential Fatty acids, (key word in that description is “essential”).

With the knowledge that the primary source of fuel for the human body is natural sugar, the concept of having too much sugar becomes illogical.  The only way you can consume too much is to overeat, which is difficult with high water content fruits.  Not to mention that in its original form, overeating sugar is really tough, as our natural gag reflex kicks into high gear.

The natural enzymes have been removed from refined sugars, which skews the signals and communication in the body, and altering our natural digestive process.  Test me on this one.  See if you can eat a 5lb bag of oranges, or a 3 lb. bag of apples, or even half a jar of real honey, in one sitting.  I promise you will begin to gag when your body says, “hey, we got what we need!”.  Yet you can easily polish off half a bag of store bought cookies and still eat more.  Refined sugars interfere with the body’s natural signals.  This also plays true with standard cereals.  How many people feel full when consuming the recommended serving of cereal, which typically is a half cup?

So when we achieve a better quality of fuel that can be processed going into our body, the inner balancing act begins and this amazing  transformation begins, we start to experience far less anxiety because even though stressful situations are always going to be there when our inner foundation is stronger and functioning in better we are more grounded as individuals and better equipped physically and mentally to cope with what life tosses our direction.

When you have a strong inner foundation physically, you know what happens?  You not only feel stronger you ARE stronger, and you will find you can accomplish so much more in your life.  Many people believe that  a better job, or a bigger house, or a better car or better relationship is key to not being depressed or feeling anxiety.  You know what; it’s not true… happiness begins within “self”.   For all aspects of our daily lives to begin to feel like they are off and running and coming together in a positive way, it needs to begin with the individual.

The outer elements that we have been brainwashed by society and advertising is NOT what is going to make things better.  Sure having enough money to pay your bills is a wonderful thing, but all the money in the world doesn’t protect you from stressful situations. Apply that to anything you are telling yourself  the statement “IF ONLY”.  If only I had a better life partner my stress would be gone, if only I lived in a better house my stress would be gone, if only I had my dream job my stress would be gone, etc.  Each and every one of those are still going to carry an element of stress attached to them in some way.

But when you have physical strength and you clean up what you are feeding your inner motor, the performance of the motor improves, your thoughts get clearer, your emotions more balanced, sleep becomes deeper and refreshes the body like its supposed too.  Show yourself some “self” love by taking the step to treat yourself with more love, respect and admiration, it starts with YOU, love you enough to choose NOT to put all that garbage in your body, reach for cleaner healthier foods and watch everything with your health, and emotional aspect begin to transform.

Your wealth is in your health!!!! So consequently when you are feeling better, you are thinking clearer, then maybe you will have the drive and ambition to look for a better job, or new living location, whatever your if-only is, but I promise that your whole out look towards those ” If-Only”  statements will change when the change begins with YOU!

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As always,

Healthfully yours,

Jodi Barnett N.D (Doctor of Naturopathy)

QFA Clinician, Orthomolecular Nutritionist


Harvested Health LLC

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