Health Lays In Our Neck?

In continuing on walking you through the importance of your Endocrine System; we come upon the Thyroid & Para-Thyroid glands. Which is the next stop realizing I’m working my way from the top down in the body.


The thyroid gland is located in the lower front part of the neck and is shaped like a butterfly.  It produces the hormones thyroxine & triiodothyronine.

This gland is one that most folks are familiar with, & we are seeing more & more people struggling with “hypo or Hyper” performing thyroid glands.  Our diets are so void of adequate amounts of iodine that the proper function of this important gland is  evident in many, as well as chemical toxins that inhibit this gland from being able to uptake proper amounts of iodine.

Dr. N.W. Walkers’ description of The Thyroid Gland says, “The thyroid has a strong controlling influence on all the chemical processes which are carried on in the body.  One of the substances which is created by this gland is the hormone known as “thyroxine.”  This is the simplified name compounded from the chemicals composing it, namely: trihydro-triiodo-oxyindol-propionic acid.  Among the elements or ingredients which the thyroid uses to make this hormone is a protein known as casein.  The body manufactures its own casein out of the atoms present in our food, in the same manner that the cow generates the casein in her milk from her feed.  Casein is one of the important components of milk, but when cow’s milk is used by humans of any age, it is not digested properly or completely under any circumstances.  That is the reason why the use of milk not only creates a great amount of mucus in the system, but also has the tendency to disrupt the function of the thyroid gland.  The casein in cow’s milk is 300% more concentrated than that in mother’s milk.  When cow’s milk is pasteurized or cooked by boiling, the casein is changed still worse than in its raw state. (My emphasis here, “we are the ONLY mammals that drink milk past the whelping stage… why?)

Unless the thyroid is able to generate efficiently the thyroxine hormones, many disturbances can result.  Among these is the wasting of body tissues, irritability of the nerves, damage to teeth & muscles, affliction of the sex organs, thickening & coarsening of the skin, dry & unsightly hair, to name but a few.  These conditions are all regulated by the thyroid gland & its thyroxine hormones.” (D.N.SC.n.d.)

There are two malfunctions that can occur with the thyroid gland; one is when it becomes over active also know as Hyperthyroidism.  Phyllis A. Balch, CNC in Prescription for Nutritional Healing describes this disorder; “when the thyroid gland produces too much thyroid hormone, resulting in an overactive metabolic state  All of the body’s processes speed up with this disorder.  Symptoms include nervousness, irritability, a constant feeling of being hot, increased perspiration, insomnia & fatigue, increased frequency of bowel movements, less frequent menstruation & decreased menstrual flow, weakness, hair & weight loss, change in skin thickness, separation of the nails from the nail bed, hand tremors, intolerance of heat, rapid heartbeat, goiter & sometimes, protruding eyeball.

The thyroid gland is the body’s internal thermostat.  It regulates the temperature by secreting two hormones that control how quickly the body burns calories & uses energy.  If the thyroid secretes too much hormone, hyperthyroidism results; too little hormone results in hypothyroidism.”  (Phyllis A. Balch n.d.)

Parathyroid Gland: Don’t hear too much about this gland but it’s important too!

There are 4 glands that are attached to each side of the thyroid gland.  Their function is to regulate the blood calcium levels & regulate calcitonin which is produced in the thyroid gland.  They also influence the lymph system in neutralizing certain types of toxins in the body.  Dr. Norman Walker D.Sc. states that the parathyroid glands” are responsive to the negative emotions, such as worry, anxiety, fear, anger, hatred, jealousy and so on, under which circumstances they excite or stimulate secretion from the Adrenal glands.  Adrenalin, is highly poisonous & affects the whole system when secreted to excess.

The principle function of the parathyroid glands, however, is the regulation of the calcium metabolism, the calcium content of the blood, in tooth & bone formation, & not residual calcium in the tissues.  It is most important to realize that these glands do NOT have the SELECTIVE ability to choose between organic & inorganic calcium.  That is to say that they will take whatever calcium atoms or molecules come along, irrespective of whether they are dead, or vital, live elements.  If our Creator had given them this ability to choose the live & reject the cooked or processed elements, we would have no arthritic victims, we would have marvelous teeth all our lives & no one would have any deformed bones, so long as we ate sufficient raw nourishment.

As it is, the calcium from pasteurized milk & cooked milk products, as well as that from grain & starch foods has become inorganic through the process of heating.  Under these circumstances no matter how much calcium we take into our system by eating these foods or taking calcium in tablet or similar form, the body cannot utilize it constructively without eventual damage to the calcium bearing parts of our system.  We have the proof of this in the swollen calcified joints in arthritis, in the degeneration of the teeth & bone, in impactions in our blood vessels as in tumors, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, high & low blood pressure & of course all the signs of premature old age.

It is necessary to furnish the body with the nourishment rich in organic or vital, live calcium elements which the parathyroid glands can work with to our best advantage.  These elements are found only in the raw vegetables & fruits & their fresh raw juices.

Among the richest calcium food’s, we have carrots, turnips, spinach, dandelion, to name but a few.” (N.W. Walker n.d.)

The biggest mistake I see folks making is in “knowing” that the diets they are consuming on a daily basis are void of the nourishment they require so they are trying to make up for it by swallowing a boat load of pills in the name of healthy.  Now don’t misunderstand me; I use herbs & supplements in my practice and recommend some of them when needed in the nutritional programs for my patient’s, but in the process I am also encouraging them to make major shifts in their lifestyle and dietary habits.

Cleaning out the chemicals that are going to inhibit their thyroids ability to uptake the much needed iodine.  Some of those chemicals:

  • fluoride (in tooth pastes and mouthwashes, and also given in a rinse form at the dentist)
  • chlorine (which is in most city drinking water supplies, and used in swimming pools)

When thinking about hormones, I want you to think parking garages for a minute.  Every hormone produced also has what’s referred to as a hormone receptor sight.  Meaning it has it’s own parking garage with its name plaque on it.  When we have impostors or inhibitors that come on the scene, they can occupy those reserved parking slots which don’t allow for proper hormonal reception to happen.  We see many people who are taking synthetic hormones in an attempt to balance what is imbalanced in the body.  There are some folks who’s thyroid is so iodine starved that taking synthetic hormones may need to be part of their daily routine.  However, they end up believing that their problem is solved once they begin taking them and make ZERO lifestyle changes.

I want folks to begin to realize that medicating any health issue doesn’t solve the on-going imbalance and nutritional deficiency, especially if you don’t make any needed changes.  Remember, the imbalance didn’t just show up because you were an unlucky chap.  We are not created to be “unhealthy”, our body in fact has many checks/balances built in.  When those checks/balances can no longer balance is when we start to see & feel unhealthy.

I don’t recommend supplements & herbs in the same capacity as folks are used to using them. Which for the most part is the same way they use prescriptions. I use them like that of a work out routine designed to strengthen what has become weak with the goal of getting stronger and back to God’s given working order. Not for you to assume that the supplements need to be a part of your daily lifetime intake.  You need to allow your body to rely on what it needs from the fuel you put in your engine, meaning what foods you are eating!

So are they herbal products you can use to help support the thyroid, absolutely.  A few that I highly recommend:

Supports the glandular system
Provides glandular extracts, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, and phytonutrients
Helps support thyroid function
Supports a healthy metabolism
How It Works:
Thyroid Support is a blend of nutritional and herbal supplements specially designed to nourish the thyroid gland and to support the actions of the thyroid hormones. The thyroid hormones regulate many body functions, including oxygen use, basal metabolic rate, cellular metabolism, growth and development, and body temperature.
Vitamin B6, zinc, copper, manganese, l-tyrosine, kelp leaves and stems, thyroid substance, nettle leaves, protease blend, pituitary substance and hypothalamus substance.

  • Zinc: ( Click here to purchase this product)
  • The body needs zinc for many functions, with regards to the thyroid, it encourages the thyroid to uptake proper amounts of iodine.

Supports immune function.
Provides 25 mg zinc per tablet.
How It Works:
The trace mineral zinc is involved in hundreds of important functions in the body, including sugar metabolism, DNA formation, protein metabolism and energy production. It is also needed for the growth and development of bones. Pregnant and lactating women require extra zinc. More zinc is found in the body than any other trace element except for iron. Relatively large amounts are found in bone and muscle. It’s also prevalent in the prostate and retina.
25 mg of zinc (167% of the Daily Value) plus calcium, phosphorus, kelp leaves and stem, thyme leaves and alfalfa aerial parts.


When it comes to the calcium and para-thyroid support, I NEVER recommend a calcium supplement to any of my patients.  I encourage a calcium rich diet which includes plenty of fresh fruits & vegetables on a daily basis and I highly encourage juicing and blended salads (especially for those with digestion weaknesses), but I DO HIGHLY recommend supplementing with :

Magnesium: (click here to purchase product)

The difference between Calcium & magnesium is one of a push me pull me routine.  Meaning, calcium is the mineral that encourages contractions in the body when it comes to muscles (and isn’t every thing in the body with the exception of our teeth & bones a muscular composition?), and Magnesium I refer to as the mineral of movement, it is what relaxes, but it also is what encourages the body to place calcium in the proper places in the body.  So instead of supplementing with calcium, if you want to maintain better calcium levels, #1, CHANGE your diet, and #2 incorporate more magnesium.  It’s of a water soluble nature meaning you won’t overdose on magnesium, if you get more than your body can metabolize (use) it will clean out the pipes (south pole).

Highly bioavailable
Contributes to energy production
Promotes musculoskeletal health
How It Works:
Magnesium is an essential mineral. It is present in more than 300 enzymatic systems where it is crucial for energy production and other metabolic functions. The heart, brain and kidneys cannot function without adequate levels of this nutrient. Magnesium is used in reaction to form Tri Carboxylic Acid (TCA), which aids in the cells’ energy-producing cycle. It is also involved in smooth muscle contractions, affecting the heart, gastrointestinal, urinary and female reproductive tracts.
Magnesium citrate and magnesium malate.


It is my hope that as I continue to walk you through the endocrine system and explain the importance of each of these glands that you become encouraged to make changes in your diet/lifestyle or course; but that you also begin to understand more of how magnificent your body is with the intricate internal workings that take place every hour of every day.

The next endocrine gland stop will be the Thymus gland….

Thank you for taking the time to read, like and share the articles I post.  You folks are the BEST!

Healthfully yours,

Dr. Jodi Barnett N.D.

Harvested Health LLC



Life, Faith & Fruitfulness

Life and faith  I don’t think anyone will disagree when I say life always offers two roads to travel, sure we can always blur that truth with excuses and justifications, but every avenue and aspect of our daily living brings with it the ultimatum of “choice”.   The choices we make leave the ability of decision in OUR hands, no one else’s.

So, this thing we call life cannot help but bring with it faith…. you may say, I don’t want to incorporate anything “religious” into my life.  Yet, you go to sleep at night and take it on “Faith” that you are going to wake up in the morning.  You take it on faith that your heart beats on its own, that your lungs will continue to inhale and exhale.  Whatever category you choose to say your “faith” resides, deny it if you want to, but FAITH is all around you all day long folks.

I constantly remind myself that “Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.” Hebrews 11:1 (New Living Translation). Whether I am taking stock of my health, my life, my work, pick a topic people, I cannot always see what is coming around the corner, I have to take it on faith. Every single day I take it on faith that what takes place within my body is doing what it needs to do, that there is air to breathe, I take it on faith that my job will be there tomorrow, that after a storm our home will still be standing. Which adds further weight to 2 Corinthians 5:7 “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

Here’s an analogy I’ve paraphrased from (The Best of Tozer compiled by Warren Wiersbe).

“One marked difference between the faith of our fathers as conceived by the fathers and the same faith as understood and lived by their children is that the fathers were concerned with the root of the matter, while their present-day children seem concerned only with the fruit…
Our fathers looked well to the root of the tree and were willing to wait with patience for the fruit to appear. We demand the fruit immediately even though the root may be weak and knobby or missing altogether.
The bough that breaks off from the tree in a storm may bloom briefly and give to the unthinking passer-by the impression that it is a healthy and fruitful branch, but its tender blossoms will soon perish and the bough itself wither and die. there is no lasting life apart from the root. (when we have storms in our lives, many times we blame God, because we believe God is supposed to make our lives all rosey and beyond easy, so we get discouraged and break away from our faith, or claim we don’t believe in God or that there is a God, and LOOK at me I’m doing just fine, I’ve got this, I CAN DO IT ON MY OWN)

Much that passes for healthy today is the brief bright effort of the severed branch to bring forth its fruit in its season. But the deep law of life is against it. Preoccupation with APPEARANCES and a corresponding neglect of the out of sight root of its true life are a prophetic signs which go unheeded. Immediate “results” are all that matter, quick proofs of present success without a thought of next week or next year… There is but one test that seems to matter today: success. Everything is forgiven him except failure…
The whole Bible and all the great saints of the past join to tell us the same thing; “take nothing for granted,” they say to us. “Go back to the grass-roots. Open your hearts and search the Scriptures.  Pay no heed to the passing  VOGUE. The masses are always wrong.

So where am I going with this, well everywhere actually, we have become a generation of “instant” results, we want it NOW, and one only need take a serious moment and look around and realize this isn’t working real well for us on any level of living.

Take our health, we assume if someone is thin they are healthy, NOT true, social media is LOADED with a wide variety of diets that are going to assist you with losing X amount of weight in 10 days, or 2 weeks, just eat or drink this and wham bam, that rocking healthy body you are desiring is going to magically appear. Forget about what wrong unhealthy habits you have ingrained over the years, or habits or viewpoints you should be putting effort into changing.  Forget the stress or nutritional deficiencies that these quick FAD diets also bring with them, your headed on vacation in 3 weeks and 25 lbs. need to be GONE before then.  Sure you can definitely lose some weight using these quick methods, but it won’t change the fact that your foundation is riddled with cracks.  Things you do on a daily basis led you to where you are at the present moment.  For some of us these daily habits are YEARS in the making, so trying to convince yourself that 2 weeks will erase all your “go-to” habits is crazy.  It sets us up for defeat and deep dissappointment.

If we honestly take a look and dare to examine the facts that stare us in the face, this mentality affects how our food is grown and packaged/produced, because we want FAST food, quick ways to toss something down the hatch, forget that the very foundation that these quick fixes are constructed on hold no valued stability. As long as the results will “LOOK” amazing and pass as “VOGUE”.  Why not just Live for the moment giving not much though for the long-term?

Hence many things we have done before, now plague us today in health damage, financial debt (living outside our means, all of these ADD to our internal stressors, which affect the “JOY” of living.)

Not to mention we get stuck in the mentality of it’s all about ME, what makes ME happy, what brings ME joy. Folks we were all bought with a price and it’s NOT about US. Deny it, excuse it away, but we are all here to bear fruit and be fruitful but not to bring glory and honor to ourselves, but to the Lord.  We over burden ourselves with our STUFF and how much of it we have, we race to obtain THINGS, believing when I have that sports car THEN I’ll be happy, so maybe we get the car, then we realize it requires maintenance, which is expensive because the car is a specialty, the insurance rates are ridiculous because it may be a model that is sought after for thieves, it begins to lose it’s luster, but wait, this car was supposed to be my answer for happiness, or maybe that great big house that YES, when I achieve that goal, THEN, my life will be complete, or when I loose 20/30 lbs. and have a rockin body, everyone is going to love me and treat me with the respect I long for and the list goes on and on, we live and beat ourselves up to obtain all this STUFF, or maybe its to be a millionaire cause think of all the THINGS I can do with all that money.

I just watched last night “The Last 100 days of Princess Diana”, and you know it was so sad to me, she was the most photographed woman in the world,  did that make her happy?  Not from what I saw,  She was physically beautiful in every way that society seems to approve of…. did that make her happy?  Not from what I saw,  She was wealthy , she had servants to meet her every need, fancy clothes, jewelry, none of those things made her happy from what I could see, in fact all those THINGS, literally robbed her of not only her happiness, but her freedom, and self-confidence, she became a hostage/prisoner of her own fame.  With it comes isolation, loneliness, she lived in an artifical hollywood set as far as I’m concerned, the people who surrounded her were not genuine towards her. That lifestyle and title robbed her of precious valuable time spent with her own children, for a woman who by the worlds standards had it ALL, she seemed so lost, so lonely, so unloved.  When she died dodging the media, everyone worldwide wept, and said WE LOVE YOU DIANA, yet, none of us actually KNEW her, not deeply, personally, if we did LOVE her, we would have seen her pain and stopped being so consumed with needing to invade her private life as we do with all the celebrities, we hold them to a particular living standard that we ourselves cannot live by either, so how can you say how much you LOVED her, you loved her image, what her lifestyle personified.  Diana had from what I can see a very giving heart, she was concerned and wanted to help those with AIDS, and the hungry and her charities did wonderful things for so many. But she spent so much time trying to be what everyone told her she was supposed to be, what she was supposed to represent, and all of it was superficial, she wasn’t allowed to just do HER.  We read and see failure after failure of people who are destroyed by a glamourous lifestyle.  Yet, so many people fight to have it, maybe thinking they can do it different, or better, I’m not sure.


As a practitioner, and a walking, talking, living, breathing human on the same spinning rock you all are on, we struggle like we do, and I say WE, which includes ME, we are conditioned that it’s all about appearance, competition, what will people think, this is what drives us over the edge, what adds to our emotional/physical stress.   It causes us to compare ourselves to others to guage whether we are hitting the mark and being “successful”. Why does it seem that today we have more imformation that is easy to access virtually at our fingertips, and more people seem so lost, confused, depressed and desperate that ever before?

So ask yourselves, what kind of people do you associate with? (Are they in your circle because of what they can DO for you, or is it because they are people you genuinely care aboutand who genuinely care about YOU?).  Who do you turn to for advice? (does their lifestyle emulate the answer you seek?)  Is God’s Word a priority in your decision-making?  Ask yourself what God’s view on fruitfullness looks like compared to that of the worlds view, man sees the outside but God sees the heart:

Explore these verses that talk about Fruitfulness from God’s definition:  Matthew 3:8; 25:14-28; John 15:4-8; Phillippians 1:9-11; Galatians 5:22-23; 2 Peter 1:5-6.


In my life I realize it’s time to make changes in my “life, faith and fruitfulness”, my perspective needs to shift from world centered to God centered and with that shift comes ” a peace that surpasses all understanding.”


Healthfully Yours,
Jodi Barnett N.D.

Harvested Health LLC




More people are deficient in key minerals than they realize, and there are symptoms that are often overlooked.  Below are some symptoms that one may experience if they are in fact deficient in potassium.

Don’t just look for these symptoms in yourself, but a large majority that I am now seeing are in Children!


Fears, easily startled by noises.

Mood swings.

  • Skin can feel like its crawling from underneath.
  • Brain functions poorly during the day & better at night.
  • Sleep is troubled and restless, dreams feel vivid; habits alternate.
  • The body is tender to touch. ( FIBROYMALGIA folks fall in this category too)
    Ambition and drive feel absent.
  • Noise interferes with speech and thought processes.

Sensitive to weather changes.
Prone to depression.

The body chemistry is adversely affected by mental imbalances, increasing acid formation and taste for destructive habits especially pertaining to foods.
Because potassium is vital for attracting oxygen to the tissues, lack of it reduces lax muscles and can weaken heart. Digestion and assimilation of albumin, fibrin, gelatinous foods and sugars are impaired.

  • Headaches
  • sweating
  • dry skin
  • numbness with tingling neuritis
  • muscular atrophy
  • nerve sensitivity
  • tenderness and weakness in tendons and muscles
  • pain in lower back of head (can bring on a powerful headache)
  • poor bowel activity
  • crawling sensation in feet beneath skin or at roots of teeth
  • skin itches,
  • rosy patches on skin
  • itching around former injuries and scars
  • Tossing and turning at night
  • Dizziness
  • bottoms of feet are often red, burning tender or swollen
  • Feet seem weak and unable to provide good support
  • Walking causes weakness
  • Nose and throat suffer, may feel like food sticks in the throat
  • Pains and aches in the stomach
  • The bladder burns and aches
  • Ticklish in the nose, and shooting pains in the jaw
  • Parotids (salivary glands) are swollen and arteries are weak

Diabetes, which involves reduced tolerance to sugar, indicates a lack of potassium. Tissue waste products, tissue water, acid and glucose stress the kidneys. In time, the sugar that is refused by the body passes thru the kidneys and is often diagnosed as kidney diseases when potassium hunger is the actual cause.
Potassium and iron is needed for energy, if the body has lost the power to utilize potassium the oxygen supply is also diminished.

Massage, osteopathy, chiropractic and electrical treatments homoepathic remedies, allopathic drugs alone are not sufficient methods; proper diet MUST be followed too.

























Healthfully yours,

Jodi Barnett N.D.

Harvested Health LLC.

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Your Body: A Do It Yourself Repair shop?



I tend to share about some of my client’s (keeping their identity hidden unless they agree for me to share their name) cases, with the hopes that it helps others in their quest for turning around a health situation they may be struggling with.

Three years ago I had a 55 year old woman who came to me on the verge of begging to die, even admitted she had contemplated suicide because of her extreme depressive state.  On her first consultation she complained of heart palpitation and a near non existent sleep pattern.  Her blood pressure was 170/100; her urine was extremely acidic (QFA Analysis where I process first morning urine and saliva).  Her knees, ankles and feet were super swollen, she had fevers that came and went for no apparent medical reason and her joints were so painful that she could barely get up and down small steps.  She complained about being stiff and had what felt like crippling pain in her hands, hips and  right shoulder area.  Her biggest fear was that she was destined for confinement in a wheelchair.

Upon taking her lifestyle history; her dietary habits consisted of about 10 cups of coffee daily(she was running on Dunkin) with zero water intake, the coffee is what propelled her thru her day since her sleep pattern was terrible.  She smoked cigarettes, ate primarily meat for all three meals, lived and craved starches, canned fruits and refined sugar foods and to cap it all off she rotated between aspirin and Tylenol all day long to compensate for the stiffness and pain. She has been rotated for years on different arthritis medications, sleeping pills and depression medications too. She was very much overweight as a consequence of her lifestyle.

She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said,” I’m willing to give you 6 months of my life to see if you can help me get well.”  My response to her was ” It will probably take much longer than that,”  I believe in being honest with my clients.  I went on to tell her that “your joints didn’t get stiff in a day; the toxic saturation of your body has been years in the making, like burying a toxic metal drum in the soil, after years of erosion occurs and the contents start to leak out, then the ground water starts to become contaminated, the EPA cannot just drive in with a backhoe and take out the area with the leaky drum and consider the area “clean”.  Also, you have been covering up your symptoms with drugs, and coupled with a horrible daily diet, all these combined has been a cocktail for health decline.”

I convinced her to give up all the drugs, (since they were not fixing her symptoms), smoking, coffee and meat for her particular issues, although I do permit some clients to eat meat and drink weak herbal tea or coffee.  I recommended some calcium/magnesium capsules as her only nutritional supplementation and the following foods:  upon rising, one tsp of yeast dissolved in some warm water. Then for breakfast; a vegetable soup made with only green beans and zucchini.  Mid-morning; four ounces of raw cucumber juice.Then for lunch; steamed celery, more vegetable soup, one slice of whole grain bread and a blended salad with zero dressing.  Mid-afternoon; fruit or fruit juice diluted with water. Dinner;  one package of frozen or 10 oz. of fresh cut green beans, lightly steamed including the liquid from the pan and a head of romaine lettuce.  Before going to bed, another teaspoon of yeast dissolved in warm water.

Three years later, I’m happy to report that her weight-loss was just under 100 lbs; her blood pressure was 120/92; her depression had left completely; she was now sleeping well for the first time since she can’t remember when.  She was able to exercise and she was elated that she was free of arthritic pain.  She no longer struggled with edema in her feet or hands.  She said, ” I feel happier than I ever have and I never get tired of my diet, although it was super hard in the beginning to get used to and sometimes, for short periods, I went off of the diet because my craving for sweets and meats won the battle.  But strangely they didn’t seem to offer me the same satisfaction as I remembered in the past.  I realized I could feel the same symptoms returning when I cheated, and my quest to not end up in a wheel chair is what kept pushing me on.  The vision of my grandchildren visiting me in a wheel chair was just unacceptable.”

She went on to say: “my whole body feels better, I actually look forward to getting up in the morning, I have the physical energy to actually play with my grandchildren, and physically, I haven’t had this much energy without coffee since my early 20’s, even the tone of my skin is better and everyone tells me how much better I look.”

Even better was as she continued to go see her family physician, he kept insisting that the nutritional changes she was making had nothing to do with her physical improvements?  Yet since she was no longer taking any of her medications, what other explanation could there be? She eventually decided to look for a different family physician.


Dr. Frederick Hoffman who for many years was the chief statistician of the Prudential Life Insurance Company, who authored a dictionary-sized book on cancer and diet concluded: “I am fully convinced that profound dietary influences in cancer are to be looked upon as a causative factor.” Still, it is heresy to mention diet and cancer in the same sentence or diet and any disease which the medical profession believes can only be “cured” through a pill or an injection.

We are so concerned with synthesizing chemicals which will cure; that we have lost sight of the fact that these same chemicals have been lodged in our foods for thousands of years. “Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food.”


Folks through the years I have been able to observe the close relationship of someone’s diet and lifestyle and the connection of dis-ease in their health.

I remember the very first client that sought out my services who had a tumor. At that point in my practice my focus had been mainly on digestive support, candida over growth, weight-loss, and leaky-gut issues.  So truth be told I knew practically nothing about the relationship between tumors/cancer and diet & lifestyle connections.

This client had a tumor that could NOT be operated on because of certain nerves and blood vessels that were connected that the tumor had grown into.  This gal was referred to me because she was told I used foods to help folks strengthen their bodies and wanted to know if I could help her?  The first thing I did was I sent her for a hair mineral test, and I did a QFA Analysis.  The mineral test showed that her Sulphur was super elevated, which typically most folks are Sulphur depleted.  But her levels were the highest I’ve ever seen.

Her and her husband raised farm animals to sell, and she had been eating a lot of turkey before she was diagnosed with the tumor.  I was honest with her that I was not 100% certain what was going to be the best course of action, as I had never worked with a client whose Sulphur levels were off the chart like hers were.  I did decide that it made sense to remove anything that would be contributing to the Sulphur from her dietary plan.  I recommended foods that would increase her alkalinity by using certain veggies and fruits and fresh juices and blended raw salads.  It took about 8 months of sticking to a super rigid dietary plan, but her tumor was beginning to shrink.  18 months later it was all but completely gone. ( she did continue working with her physicians as she was changing her dietary lifestyle, I was NOT dealing with her tumor, I was dealing with her nutritional balance.)

Now the way my mind works, made me beyond curious that there had to be some major connections between diet and the healing capacity of our own bodies.  Here was an inoperable tumor that was consuming this gals blood vessels and nerves, and with severe dietary and lifestyle changes; a tad past 2 years and her doctors couldn’t find any signs of the tumor.  Realizing each one of us is unique by design, she had incorporated some meats back into her diet; beef, lamb, some fresh water fish, but I recommended she keep severely limited amounts of Sulphur rich foods in her diet.

I’d like to point out that not all my clients stick to what I recommend like their lives depend on it.  Yet in many cases it really does, if what you have been doing for years isn’t making you feel like the poster child for glowing health, then it should be obvious what your doing isn’t working well for you.

Some complain that their lives are just too busy to fit these dietary changes into “living on the run” and they just can’t stick with it.  When you realize that most folks go to their doctor not really for preservation of life, but for freedom from pain and as much disability as possible, most only focus on preservation when they are told they have an illness that is going to kill them.

Yet when the client/patient chooses not to co-operate, the recommendations given have zero power to function.  The other part that causes some clients to stop the nutritional battle plan that I end up recommending for their particular needs; is the housecleaning that their body starts through as the body is getting what it needs to start repairing and rejuvenating. The body has to get rid of what has been making it feel less than it’s best. Sometimes that process doesn’t feel the greatest either, so most will give up, and that is a shame.

Folks, the one thing NO practitioner can give you as a person is a MISSION in your own life, each one of us usually has something important that we hope to accomplish to the best of our ability.  For some it’s to make mountains of money, for others to acquire happiness although my life has taught me that happiness is declared on what is currently happening in our lives at any given moment which means our definition of happiness is governed to change based on our outward circumstances.  Yet JOY, is something that we choose to house within ourselves that cannot be affected by outward circumstances!  Whatever, your mission in life is or was way back when,  the truth is; being in a great state of health physically should be the starting point.  Your WEALTH is in your health…. if your sick nothing else matters, it’s all you can think about, it’s all you can focus on…because its the wheel that is squeaking the loudest!

Change your starting point and put your health at the top of your priorities and change your trajectory in life… IF you’d like some help doing just that, guess what… that is what I do… I offer you the help and your own body has the built in programming to do the rest! Your body has a built in “do it yourself” repair shop, but as any good repair shop owner will attest too, you have to have the proper tools to do the job!

I offer phone consults as well as in office appointments.  I’d be honored to work with you.

Healthfully yours,

Jodi Barnett N.D.

Harvested Health LLC

Motivational Monday: Beyond Numbers On The Scale…

weight-lossWeight-loss is about much more than dropping pounds.  Just ask anyone who has successfully lost weight, only to find that they are fighting the same pounds a few months or years later.  Clearly eating habits and exercise require a physical commitment.  But lasting, successful weight loss involves a powerful emotional component as well.

Developing a healthy attitude toward ones body, viewing ones weight and food choices can be quite challenging in our society today.  On one hand, food is a major element of just about every social gathering and occasion.  We celebrate with food, fight stress with food, we even drown our sorrows with food.  On the other hand, the media constantly presents us with impossible body ideals that are unrealistic and even unhealthy for the vast majority of folks.  Air brushing, Photoshop and other tricks of the trade allow models and celebrities to appear thinner than they are in real life, giving us the perception that we too can and should strive for that appearance.  How many of us gals grew up playing with Barbie dolls, this famous gal is way out of proportion physically.

Where does this leave us? For some it can be an emotional rollercoaster leaving us dependent on the wrong kind of foods.  For others, a negative self image of their bodies and false hope in getting think without too much effort.  More importantly, now that you have made the physical commitment to find a healthier you, how do you make the emotional commitment?

A good place to start is by finding your motivation. Are you losing weight to look better? To fit into a swimsuit before an upcoming cruise or reunion? To provide a healthy example to your kids?  To combat Type 2 diabetes? To save money on your medical bills?  The stronger, more meaningful and realistic your motivation, the more likely you will succeed with your program.  For that reason, those who are motivated by health tend to make lasting changes more often than those who are motivated by magazines, or social events.


Weight loss experts encourage accepting yourself, loving who you are right now and then finding the motivation to set goals to allow yourself to be the best you can be.


If you are one of the millions with “lose weight” on your New Year’s resolutions list this year, resolve something new: resolve to LOVE yourself no matter what, and then plan the lifestyle changes toward a healthier body.  That healthier body needs to begin with your own self image of what that is supposed to look like for YOU, not what society says you should shoot for.

Here’s a tip:

When beginning a weight loss journey, be prepared to think long-term!  Many weight loss centers ban the use of the word “diet” because it tends to be associated with short-term and drastic eating plans.  Rather than focusing on a lifestyle change commitment to yourself.  A better way to approach it is to commit yourself to learning about what changes are necessary to fuel and nourish your body with healthier foods.  It’s amazing what a simple change in ones mindset can do.  The exact same nutrition program can be viewed by one person as a diet and another as a lifestyle change.  Let me ask you which view point do you think sees the greater success?


Remember that healthy is going to look different on each person, 109 lbs. isn’t going to look healthy on all body frames and heights.  So shoot for healthy for YOU, get past the stress of what the numbers register on your scale, instead judge your progress by how different you feel, are you sleeping better, is the texture of your skin changing, are your hair and nails looking healthier?  How are your clothes fitting, most will also see a drastic improvement in their emotional health as well.  Let me assure you that good health goes way beyond being thin.  Plenty of folks who are thin are far from being healthy.

You want to incorporate some form of an exercise program to build better muscle tone, it also keeps your bones stronger to prevent fractures as we age, it improves circulation and lung function, better sleep patterns.  So part of getting healthier needs to incorporate exercise there is no way around it.  Our bodies were designed to MOVE!  If you don’t have time to rock it out at a gym, then go for a walk, or turn on your radio and dance for 20-30 mins. in the comfort of your own home, just move the body, break a sweat and have some fun.

If you’d like some one on one assistance with putting a healthier program together to achieve your goal.  I’m here for you, you can also schedule a consultation with me.  For some they need that accountability of having someone to keep them motivated through their transformational journey.  I’d be honored to help.  You can schedule that by going to  and click on the 1 hr. consultation.


Lets make 2017 the year that “getting healthier”, takes roots and the journey begins.  No more excuses!

Healthfully yours,

Jodi Barnett N.D.

Harvested Health LLC.