celery The greatest value of raw celery lies in the fact that it contains an exceptionally high percentage of vital organic sodium. We need organic sodium to maintain calcium balance in our body.

Raw celery contains more than four times as much vital organic sodium as it does calcium.  If you are one of the peeps that love their refined sugars, starches, bread, biscuits, cakes cereals, doughnuts, spaghetti, rice…. basically foods that contain refined sugars and flours, even carbonated drinks like soda, candy, these all fall in the category of concentrated carbohydrates.

It doesn’t take much scientific study for us to realize that these foods are destructive to our health and how we feel even how we look.  Many go out of their way to avoid sodium however, organic sodium like that found in our plant kingdom is important.  Its the refined table salt that causes health issues.  Truth is organic sodium is super important in the physiological processes within our bodies.  It is used to maintain the fluidity of the blood and lymph keep them from being too thick.

Table salt is made up of insoluble inorganic elements, meaning the body cannot use it due to its chemical molecular structure.  So Varicose veins, hardening of the arteries have their root in too much table salt.  Yet without sodium good digestion is impossible, but the salt must be soluble in water.  Every cell in our body is constantly bathed in a solution of saline water, and if this isn’t maintained at its required level dehydration sets up housekeeping.

During hot, dry weather, I have found drinking a tall glass of fresh raw celery juice in the morning and another in the afternoon if I’m going to be spending a lot of time outside in the heat, it’s wonderful at helping to maintain my body temperature.  While others are dripping with sweat and uncomfortable, I’m super comfortable.

We also need sodium to assist in the removal of carbon dioxide.  Some of our bad habits actually robs this organic sodium from our tissues like tobacco smoke and a variety of harsh chemicals that irritate our lungs and respiratory system.  So those who struggle with respiratory ailments, incorporating some raw fresh celery juice can be healing to the lungs and respiratory system.

Celery is also very high in magnesium and iron content, with is invaluable as a food for the blood cells.  Many diseases of the nervous and blood system are due chiefly to the inorganic mineral elements and salts brought in through our diets.

When we have an inadequate supply of Sulphur, iron and calcium in our diets, even if we have an abundant supply of these, but they are in devitalized inorganic forms, then asthma, rheumatism, hemorrhoids can be giving one grief.  If we have an unbalanced proportion of Sulphur and phosphorus in the diet this can create mental irritability. Can we say “moody”, we see this in a lot of young children with mood swings, might I recommend looking at what they ate either the day before or earlier that day, I bet you see the connection of high carbohydrate consumption. Introduce the kiddo’s to fresh raw juices while they are young and they will love them!

So a great combination of carrot and celery juice furnishes a balance of these needed mineral in a proper combination to do battle toward these health problems.

For those of you who are new to juicing, understand it may take a piece of time for your taste buds to get acclimated with the taste of raw fresh juices. But the health benefits are bar none a golden addition to maintaining the healthy status of ones body.  It does a body GOOD!

Healthfully yours,

Jodi Barnett N.D.

Harvested Health LLC.


Published by harvestedhealth

I am a Doctor of Naturopathy, BCHHP; passionate about helping others improve the quality of their health by empowering them with knowledge of how to incorporate a more natural/holistic approach towards better quality of health.

4 thoughts on “FOOD TIP TUESDAY: Celery Juice

  1. How many ounces of celery juice per day do you typically suggest a parent start with when introducing it to a teenager? Thank you for this informative article.

    1. Matha, It will probably go down much easier for your teenage to mix it with a couple juiced carrots, or it’s amazing if you juice 1/2 cucumber, 1 green apple, and 2 stalks o celery

      1. Thank you very much for you quick response. I am doing the cucumber & 2 stalks of celery. Since juicing celery & cucumber is very concentrated in minerals, nutrients, etc. is once or twice a day sufficient? Your website is full of great information. Thank you for posting.

      2. You can do more when you are exerting more energy like exercises, and sweating more, but it’s a food so your body won’t overdose on these juices. Thank you also for your kind words and I very much appreciate the feedback

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