The Untold Truth!

Most of us spend more time than we realize keeping our stuff clean.  We take bathes, wash our dirty dishes, vacuum and shampoo our carpets, wash our cars, our clothing.  But it isn’t just the outside of the body and our outer environment that needs to be cleaned.  We need to decide to clean on the inside too.

We devote a lot of time and energy keeping the items we own “clean”, we look at what we can SEE, but what about the stuff we can’t see?”


We eat and drink; then the body incorporates what we refer to as “metabolism” which means it has to be converted for energy.  The body then as a result, creates waste products from the foods we consume.  The bodies ability to “take out the trash” or eliminate these by products is vital and so important that God built in different systems for breaking them down and tossing them to the curb.  We don’t give much thought to our lymph system, liver, kidneys, colon sweat glands, oil ducts (acne).  Truth be told that our bodies would somewhat suffocate in its own waste in a couple of days without these elimination systems God built in. They don’t get to put in for vacation either.

The reality is that many people are walking around with any one or several of these elimination systems dangerously clogged or blocked up.  Just like a chimney, furnace, or filter in your vehicle, when your body starts to get “dirty”, the health diminishes.  If even one or more of thes detoxification systems decreases by just a mere 10 or 20%, it “slowly”, “gradually” begins the domino  effect on your energy (which we tend to notice 1st) then it chips away at the vitality of our health.

The first signal/symptom we experience when there is an accumulation in our inner trash removal system is usually noted in a decrease in physical/mental energy!


If you can look at your body like your home, which sports 5 chimneys, (lymph, liver, kidneys, skin & colon).  When any of these chimneys start to clog up; more demand begins to be placed on the other 4.  One of the first things I do when a client comes to me and has skin disorders (acne, eczema, psoriasis). we begin cleaning out the colon. Yet sadly what many end up doing first is to medicate instead of clean out.

The world we all live in also contributes to making our body toxic!

There are over 70,000 Chemicals being used commercially in our Country, according to the EPA 65,000 of them are considered potentially if NOT definitely hazardous to our health!

We are subjected to hundreds maybe even thousands of chemicals everyday.  They are in the air, the water, the food, the health & beauty products you willingly slather on your skin.  There are over 70,000 chemicals being used commercially in the US according to the EPA 65,000 are considered potentially if not definitely hazardous to your health! This doesn’t just include cleaning products; I’d also encourage you to do a detailed search of your own and educate yourself on what happens in the Agricultural world that produces and grows our foods.

chemicals farming

Pesticides, herbicides, then don’t forget about fungicides used on crops.  Processed (convenient) foods have additives, preservatives, artifical flavorings (cuz without those you wouldn’t be able to swallow it due to the horrid taste), artificial colors, emulsifiers, anti-caking agents, texture enhances.

Kidney damnage13 copy ( If you believe I’m wrong, then someone explain to me why we are seeing the over abundance of Kidney dialysis centers popping up everywhere? The amount of folks that now are requiring the assistance of dialysis is hitting staggering numbers!)

The water filtration facilities are not equipped to filter out prescription drugs by the way so remember that when you decide to flush old meds down the toilet.  Many of us end up consuming residues of pharmaceutical drugs and chemical fertilizers that end up in drinking water sources, just by drinking our own tap water as a result.

cleaning products

Then when you give more understanding to the chemicals in what you clean your home/car with, cosmetics, fabrics, furniture and building materials used to remodel your homes.

Medications and over the counter testing is done on these and we can be “assured” that  the “small” amounts that are in some of these products; the “harm” is not instant, or deadly, however, most of these chemicals are not tested in combination, and yet we are all exposed in combination each and every day for all the years we use them!

Our body can actually handle small amounts of these bad guys, it does it all the time.  If we were exposed to such bad guys simply put “one at a time”, wouldn’t be so bad, problem is we are getting hit with combo cocktails of them. causing a wide array of inflammatory issues, damages tissues, organs.  Let me enlighten you, ALL diseases begin with inflammation, it is the gestation of all diseases;  nearly all chronic & degenerative disease begin with an inflammation process, which includes cancers & heart disease.

These diseases are the “end” result of damage that has occurred because our body accumulates un-eliminated toxic matter and many suffer from nutritional deficiencies which weakens the immune system. So… when the body is not able to remove the bad guys, it tries to find another way to store or neutralize them to protect tissues from inflammation/damage.  Fat deposits, cysts, growth, weakened organs and tissues can all wind up as toxic waste receptacles. so then what happens, we get labeled with a disease or growth that can end up needing to be cut out (surgery).

Now let me be clear; cleaning/detox of the body is not going to be everyone’s one fell swoop miracle for everything.  However, I have yet to have a client that has embarked on one of my cleansing programs fail to state that lots of their aches, pains, skin issues etc. haven’t improved, headaches stop, sinus infections stop, constipation gone, digestion improves, heartburn no longer a problem, foggy head clears up, ringing in ears gone, blood pressure improves, cholesterol improves. the list goes on and on.

It is simply amazing how when you stop hindering your body and the built in jobs it knows it needs to perform, and by incorporating diet & lifestyle changes, these efforts help and encourage  the bodies efforts to eliminate the bad guys.

So lets dig in with some of the body systems that assist in naturally removing what does not belong.


  • Lymphatics: According to Steven H. Horne, RH (AHG) ” your lymph system is like a tissue cleansing river.  All the bodies cells are bathed in lymphatic fluid, which constitutes the internal environment of the body.  Fresh, clean, nutrient laden lymphatic fluid enters the tissues from the bloodstream thru blood capillaries.  Then your cells absorb oxygen & nutrients from the fluid & secrete waste back into it.
  • Some of this lymph fluid is drawn back into the blood carrying carbon dioxide, acid & other waste products to be filtered out by the lungs & kidneys.  The rest is drawn into lymphatic capillaries where it is taken to lymph nodes that act like tiny sewage treatment plants.  There white blood cells gobble up debris while other mechanisms purify the lymph.  The lymph ducts then empty into the circulatory system at the base of the neck near the thyroid gland, where iodine from that gland can further treat this fluid to purify it.  Keeping the lymph moving is essential to keeping the tissues clean,  must be considered in any cleansing program.  Beyond the lymph there are 4 main organs that work together to disarm toxins & eliminate harmful waste products.
  • Image
  • The 1st channel of elimination that slows down is the “colon”  In his book “food is your Best Medicine, Dr. Henry G. Bieler talks about how toxins in your colon eventually produce symptoms of disease in other parts of your body,  He calls the lining of the digestive tract your 1st line of immune defense.  The mucous membranes that line your intestines are not only designed to absorb nutrients, but also reject toxic stuff and waste.  They are like a selective filter.  He also suggests that when these membranes are overloaded with toxic material, they become irritated & inflamed.  No longer able to process & absorb nutrients correctly.  Giving rise to colitis and other inflammatory bowel disorders, including Crohn’s disease, celiac disease and ulcerative colitis.  All of these involve a breakdown of the intestinal mucosa due to inflammatory processes.  Inflammation & swelling in your intestines also lead to increased absorption of toxic materials into the blood & lymph a condition called leaky gut syndrome; this then creates a cascade of negative reactions that adversely affect every system in the body.


  • According to Steven H Horne RH (AGH), the liver is the back up system to the intestines.  All of the blood coming out of your intestinal tract passes thru the liver before being carried to other parts of the body.  Just as your intestines are the primary external organ of elimination (meaning the primary way toxins are pushed out of the body); the liver is the most important internal organ of detoxification.  It’s primary job is to neutralize bad guys that get into your system.
  • So when the 1st line of defense (intestines) have been compromised, the liver is the backup quarter back to take the job and run with it.  It harbors hundreds of enzyme systems that break down the bad guys and is able to process the needed nutrients.  The lifestyle many of us lead really makes the job of the liver a real tough one! You know when your liver is really struggling it will give birth to common symptoms:
  1. frequent headaches,
  2. sluggishness,
  3. lethargy,
  4. skin problems (like eczema, and acne)
  5. weight gain
  6. bloating
  7. cholesterol issues
  8. thyroid problems
  9. ladies the dreaded PMS and hard menopausal symptoms


So moving on the 3rd line of defense according to Steven H. Horne, would be the kidney’s.  so when the intestinal, and liver miss or slow down on the job, the kidney’s now get the excess load of trash delivered to them for disposal.

So when the urinary passages are overwhelmed with irritants, they also become inflamed; this can cause burning when urination takes place, irritable bladder (can’t hold it), frequent kidney & bladder infections.  Skin issues, swollen lymph nodes, retaining fluid (swelling), and reproductive problems.

Ladies if your monthly cycles give you grief,  it could be because you have over worked kidneys, over burdened liver, and leaky gut issues…

Many of my clients are very acidic in their pH nature, which is one of the key waste issues the kidney’s must deal with.  So when they are weak, and overworked with needing to filter other toxins because defense systems #`1 and #2 are overburdened, they cannot handle the higher acidic load so the body then begins to take from body reserves magnesium and potassium which it robs from bones and muscles (can we say muscle cramps usually middle of the night, and osteoporosis) to put out the systemic fire.

This increases the muscle tension, headaches, back pain, leg pain, arthritis.  Then factor in kidney stones (which are very popular these days not to mention painful) because the body is purging calcium to reduce acid build up in the body it can add to calcification of tissues.

Next: you need to love the SKIN your in!


Your largest elimination organ is the “Skin”.  It is the last ditch effort for elimination processes.  It offers assistance in a couple of ways:

  1. You sweat, when we sweat if there are too many water soluble bad guys in the blood the body can wash them out thru the skin when we sweat.  Many times this happens when we produce a fever to force the sweat glands to open up and increase elimination thru the skin.  Sometimes I encourage clients to create a false fever with epsom salt/ginger baths, and encourage using Far infrared saunas.  If your kidneys show signs of weakness this helps a great deal to take some of the overload off of them.
  2. The oil in the skin which keeps our skin soft, this is produced thru oil ducts and can be used as another elimination method for toxins that are fat soluble. Normally the liver processes these and turns them into water solubles and the kidneys flush them out. So if your liver is congested the body will call upon the skin to do the duty. So acne, blackheads, pimples, boils usually appear when toxins have been forced from the liver/kidney’s towards next elimination channel (the largest) the skin..  Fat soluble toxins that are trapped in the fatty layer under the skin can make you itch and produce a rash.
  3. So when something such as that appears on the skin you can really be confident a good place to start cleaning is your colon, liver & kidney’s, simply applying something topically on the skin is only a temporary solution to a deeper issue. The SYMPTOM is an indicator that the foundation is in need of repair.

THERE ARE NUTRIENTS THAT CAN HELP YOU DETOX YOUR BODY and TARGETED CLEANSING THAT CAN IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH.   If you would like to learn more about your body and how you can begin to incorporate natural methods with the goal of getting cleaner on the inside and experiencing more energy, better sleep and hopefully a longer more fulfilled life, then please take a moment and subscribe to my blog. Remember: “Sharing is Caring”, so please feel free to repost and share my posts with others.

If you are interested please call today and schedule your private consultation either in person or via the phone (all appts. must be pre-scheduled and all phone consults must be pre paid).

Healthfully yours,

Harvested Health

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