Experience has taught me,,, you don’t “catch” a cold you earn it…..Sneezing? Congested? Let’s talk

With this time of the year, many struggle with sneezing, or congested breathing, over all body fatigue… Some believe or refer to it as “seasonal” allergies, “cold”.

I’d like to touch bases on the “common cold” aspect for just a sec….. For many long years scientists have been on that elusive hunt to find and isolate and identify a germ they can say is what causes the “common cold”…. I read that somewhere in the 1920’s science stated that they made the discovery of a lifetime… a “germ” that they felt was absolutely responsible for the common cold. this next part throws me… “BUT IT WAS TOO SMALL & ELUSIVE TO BE CAUGHT or EVEN VISIBLE BY MEANS OF THE MOST POWERFUL MICROSCOPES AVAILABLE. Yet…. they found the germ responsible”!!? Now think about what that says, the germ is to small & elusive to be caught, yet we are told we “caught a cold”…. and it is too small to be visible with whatever microscopes they had available in the 1920’s… Hmmmmm

From some of the available research, I have not seen any research that states they have “caught” the germ responsible to be blamed for the common cold. I mean they obviously have identified many different germs, bacteria and viruses, but none of them have be able to “start” a cold. Yet the germs, viruses and bacteria are able to feed on the mucous of Common Colds, which is the very purpose for which they were created. Namely to dissolve, break up, decompose and dispose of the mucus that manifests the Common Cold. So we are told that certain virus’s cause the common cold, yet, even for a virus to breed it has to have something to “feed” on, that would be an overload of mucous .  Which the virus didn’t cause, the substance was already in place building to a state of over abundance, typically from the state of inflammation beginning.

Work with me here for a bit….

Electricity in your home works from fuses & breakers. Correct?
So what happens when the circuit is overheated because you overloaded that circuit with too much electrical draw? Does a “germ” send you a text message to alert you that a fuse/circuit will blow out or that overheating the fuse/circuit can in some cases cause a house fire? Nope, not likely.
I’m no electrician, but I believe what is supposed to happen is the fuse is suppose to blow, or the circuit will “trip”, however if for some reason there is a malfunction, a possible house fire can be caused. Now, how does this compare to what happens in your body when you “catch a cold”? stay with me for a minute and I think I can make this come alive….

When there is waste build up in the body, when it is not eliminated, it builds and in some people backs up and what happens when you dump yard food scrapes in a pile in your yard and you call it “compost”? It ferments as it ferments it generates “Heat”, which in this case the heat is being generated in the body; this is how it is supposed to work by the way. However, when waste has fermented and reached a toxic state in the body, the built in alert systems within become worried and sends a signal that we have been neglecting our inner house keeping, what is one of those signals? Mucous elimination which has been labeled “a cold”.

It is just as simple…. really…. as that, when the warning is ignored and disregarded, more serious conditions pop up. Or worse yet, we are so irritated with the mucus, we take some over the counter remedy to “dry” it up….. Why? the body created the tidal wave it needed to wash it OUT! so stop working against your body and work with it. NOW here comes the big money question… people deal with “common”cold like episodes around what times of the year? Typically SPRING & LATE FALL , EARLY WINTER. The body is doing house cleaning before each of those seasons.

So a cold is something you “earn” not something you “catch”, it is the result of too much accumulated waste & improper or sluggish elimination. The colon is usually the recipient of all this accumulated waste. Yet toxins obviously spread thru the body generating unhealthy mucus; many have experienced “sinus mucus”. We can run fevers because the body is turning up the thermostat to cook the waste, open the lymph system and use the largest elimination organ the skin to aid and assist with removing some trash, then usually after that the fever pops on the scene, the south pole, (a.k.a. Da colon)… turns into a bit of a raging river taking out the trash thru that method. The sinus cavity does it’s part too and we get “red nose” syndrome and we sneeze & blow out STUFF from there too.

So if this is all a natural part of housecleaning why do so many people curse & complain, I KNOW IT DOESN’T FEEL LIKE A COMFY STROLL DOWN A SANDY BEACH. but be glad that our body knows what to do in spite of our choices folks…. and if you don’t prefer to “earn” a cold, then stop putting so much into your body that requires such drastic housecleaning to take place.

So what do you do when you notice this uncomfortable event is making it’s presence known? If it was ME, I’d start with an enema, and fruit juices (with a juicer), fast for a couple of days with nothing but lemon water and properly prepared juices, potassium broth or even warm vegetable broth. Also,remember the more raw foods and juices you consume, can simply be the best preventative to over accumulation of waste & mucus in the body especially the colon. So that means to lighten the load of what types of foods you are eating and instead take in foods that are simple for the body to process.

Think of it this way, when you drive your car and rack up a lot of miles people are familiar with changing the oil, why?  Well the oil begins to thicken and makes it harder to circulate through the motor.  Guess what, the body really isn’t all that different, boat loads more complicated YES, but same concept applies, the body and all its marvelous functions never take a vacation, so since most folks never go out of their way to change or reduce the amount of comfort foods, breads, pasta’s, meats, refined sugars, gravies, sauces, dairy, etc. you get a build up inside and I believe that our bodies have a pre-set desire to encourage a seasonal cleansing routine as our calendar moves from one season into the next which if you pay attention are when the highest likelihood of peeps suffering from cold symptoms.

There are certain juice combinations that work better, and certain food combinations that can help your body with thinning and clearing out accumulated mucous.  There are also some wonderful herbal cleansing options that you can incorporate as well.

Might I recommend committing to some well needed time to incorporate a 2 week cleanse at least twice a year.  I personally incorporate it quarterly, but twice a year will reap some healthy benefits.

And If you like some personal one on one direction and guidance with your inner housecleaning.  you can go to and see which one of my programs would be a good fit for you.

Healthfully yours,

Jodi Barnett N.D.

QFA Clinician


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