This is one of the most valuable juices for helping to build up the red corpuscles of the blood and tone up the blood generally. Those dealing with anemia, low iron count, and low red blood count would benefit tremendously by incorporating the juicing daily of beets and carrots together.

Ladies in particular, have benefited by drinking at least one pint of a combo of carrot and beet juice daily.  Taken alone, beet juice, in greater quantities than a wineglass at a time, may cause a cleansing reaction that can make one a tad dizzy or even nauseated.  This is due to the cleansing effect on the liver and may, therefore, be uncomfortable.  It has been found from experience that it is best to take less beet juice and more carrot juice in the beginning until tolerance is obtained for the cleansing effect.

For menstrual disturbances beet juice has been very helpful, particularly when, during such periods, it has been used in small amounts two or three times a day.  During menopause this has been found much more helpful than drugs or synthetic hormones..

Nature has furnished us with natural means thru which we may seek health, energy, vigor and vitality.

While the actual content of iron in red beets is not high, it is of a quality that furnishes excellent food for the red corpuscles of the blood.  The greatest virtue of the chemical elements in beets is the fact that ore than 50% is sodium, while the calcium content is only about 5%.  This a  valuable proportion for maintaining the solubility of calcium, particularly when as a result of eating cooked foods, inorganic calcium has been permitted to accumulate in the system and has formed deposits within the blood vessels, resulting in a toughening of the walls, and in the case of varicose veins and hardening of the arteries, or a thickening of the blood, resulting in high blood pressure and other forms of heart trouble.

The 20% potassium content furnishes the general nourishment for all the physiological functions of the body, while the 8% content of chlorine furnishes a splendid organic cleanser of the liver, kidneys, and gall bladder, also stimulating the activity of the lymph thru the entire body.

The combination of carrot and beet juice furnishes a good percentage of phosphorous and Sulphur on the one hand, and potassium and other alkaline elements on the other hand, which, together with the high content of vitamin A, completes what is probably the best natural builder of blood cells and particularly the red blood corpuscles.

Healthfully yours,

Jodi Barnett N.D.

QFA Clinician, Orthomolecular Nutritionist

Harvested Health LLC


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I am a Doctor of Naturopathy, BCHHP; passionate about helping others improve the quality of their health by empowering them with knowledge of how to incorporate a more natural/holistic approach towards better quality of health.


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