Why Raw vs. Cooked?

Many of my client’s when I suggest incorporating more “raw” foods into their dietary routine, I get a multitude of different faces. LOL… I know it is not what many are used to doing, and they strongly question my methods or logic as to why!!!!!! I can sum it up simply put… “ENZYME ACTIVITY”. WhenContinue reading “Why Raw vs. Cooked?”

The Bare Bones…. they are what hold us up!

The neck bones connected to the shoulder bone, the shoulder bones connected to the back bone… we all probably sang the song as kids, however today many people are finding that the strength and stability of “dem bones” is nothing to take lightly.  Osteopenia and Osteoporosis is a growing serious issue.   Lot’s of emphasisContinue reading “The Bare Bones…. they are what hold us up!”

Real foods vs. processed “know the difference”

  If you have ever seen or heard my lecture live you will know I typically say that someone has to spend quality time in the kitchen to prepare high-quality meals for your health. Quality time does not need to equal hours upon hours. But it is an investment, in what?  in your health &Continue reading “Real foods vs. processed “know the difference””

The Untold Truth!

Most of us spend more time than we realize keeping our stuff clean.  We take bathes, wash our dirty dishes, vacuum and shampoo our carpets, wash our cars, our clothing.  But it isn’t just the outside of the body and our outer environment that needs to be cleaned.  We need to decide to clean on theContinue reading “The Untold Truth!”

Health & Beauty: Does our “Nose” really “Know”?

Health & Beauty tip: When many of us shop for our health & beauty products we rely on our “nose”. We open the top and smell. We read the product label or many don’t, but bottom line is; if we like how it smells we pop it in the cart. More and more of myContinue reading “Health & Beauty: Does our “Nose” really “Know”?”

Why Suffer with hormonal swing?

Natural Changes® (42 packets) Stock Number: (click here if you’d like to order this product) Benefits: Supports the female glandular system. Helps the mature female body balance hormones. Strengthens the body by providing nutrients for the structural system. Aids the body under stress. How It Works: Around age 50, many women experience menopause and itsContinue reading “Why Suffer with hormonal swing?”