Why is “what we eat” important?

Why is “what we eat” important? Let me try to make the subsistence of the “cells” purpose in our bodies simplified. Cells are complex they are multi-cellular organisms, they can be divided & still retain their function and characteristics of life. The cell is the MOST important unit in the human body.
Your cell structure is preprogrammed towards maintaining what is referred to as “cellular integrity”. what does cellular integrity look like?
* an inner desire to live (focus on balance and being healthy)
*taking the foods you eat and getting rid of waste after taking what it needed from what you allowed in.
* converting what it used into usable energy by breaking down these elements into fuel and constructing new molecules from this process.
* cells have to be able to reproduce, without NEW cells, we have um… no life.

There are about 4 major cellular categories in our bodies.

1. our muscle “cells” are what allow our bodies to “move”.
2. our nerve “cells” is our electrical system that initiate as well as conduct electric impulses. they allow us to “FEEL” physically.
3. Epithelial cells (this is skin) they not only absorb what is applied topically but it also breathes and secretes molecules as well as ions (we have heard about the benefits of negative ions vs. positive ions)
4 Lots of people have issues with this next group “connective tissue cells”. they form many different types of extracellular connecting and supporting tissues.

So your cells have multiple jobs to perform, so if we are feeding them substandard, quick, enzyme void foods (processed, quick foods). You are expecting them to perform their jobs with no quality fuel. What happens if you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle. Can you car if it is designed to process unleaded gasoline run on diesel fuel? Um, I’m no mechanic but I don’t thing it’s gonna work, you will ruin your motor and cause yourself a huge repair bill. Hence, connect the dots, and apply physically, we are frequently putting the wrong fuel in our motors and we are paying some high mechanical bills in the form of surgeries, doctor visits, prescriptions, medical tests, etc.

Life is about choices, folks, It’s nice and convenient to make the statement, I DIDN”T KNOW.. but knowledge is power,and that is what I am attempting to do, equip you with better knowledge so you are able to make better choices and exercise more power & control over your lifestyle choices.

I’d be honored to work one on one with each & every one of you who have a desire to make powerful choices towards being able to experience a more vibrant element of physical health. call and schedule either your phone consultation or in person. If you include a QFA analysis, your investment in “self” is a mere $95. Ask yourself are you worth it? Face it there is only ONE YOU on this planet… exercise some self-love today.!

Healthfully yours,
Jodi Barnett N.H.C.
QFA Clinician, Orthomolecular Nutrition Coach,
Raw Food Coach,


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I am a Doctor of Naturopathy, BCHHP; passionate about helping others improve the quality of their health by empowering them with knowledge of how to incorporate a more natural/holistic approach towards better quality of health.

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