Natures Fresh, Miracle In A Bottle!

What if I told you that by spraying certain enzymes you can have:

  • first aid kit
  • household miracle worker
  • completely NON-toxic
  • safe for the kiddo’s & pets
  • biodegradable
  • removes odors fabulously
  • breaks down stains
  • natural aid for pain
  • wonderful first aid spray

This product has been around for bout 37 yrs.  n the 1980’s Nature’s Sunshine Products introduced an enzyme spray called Nature’s Fresh, as a household stain remover & deodorizing agent.  Which is beyond remarkable at knocking out pet smells, smoke, food odors, and for those that live in the country, EVEN the smell of skunk!  It is 100% natural, and completely non-toxic, it removes stains from clothing, carpets and furniture.  But what NSP didn’t initially realize was that they were also introducing an amazing “first aid remedy” for the body too.

This discovery all started when some innovative NSP Manager felt inspired to spray Natures’ Fresh over the area of a spinal slipped disk.  They had read that disks were composed largely of enzymes & decided to try using the enzyme sin Nature’s Fresh topically to promote healing for the disk.  Well, they felt relief!


Its a mixture of 6 different classes of enzymes derived from plants that are suspended in water.

For those into chemistry, the enzymes in the Nature’s fresh product include oxidoreductases (enzymes that catalyze oxidation-reduction reactions), transferases (enzymes that promote transfer of a group from one molecule to another), lyases (enzymes that form double bonds on the substrate), hydrolases (hydrolytic enzymes-splitting water), isomerases (enzymes that catalyze the conversion of its substrate to an isomeric form), and ligases (enzymes that catalyze the linking together of two molecules).   THAT WAS A MOUTH FULL….

Simply put, this means that Nature’s fresh contains a wide variety of enzymes that can catalyze a variety of chemical reactions.  This allows it to chemically alter a variety of organic odor molecules & organic stain molecules.


Enzymes are organic molecules from living things that act as catalysts.  A catalyst is a molecule that can speed up a chemical reaction without being consumed in the reaction.  Enzymes are organic catalysts.  In chemistry, organic simply means that the compound contains carbon.  Carbon is the basic element found in living things.

Enzymes are the chemical workhorses of the body.  Enzymes make every biochemical reaction in the body possible, from cellular DNA replication to the production of hormones & neurotransmitters.  Without enzymes we couldn’t digest our food or activate our immune system to ward off an infection.  Enzymes are energy, you’ve probably heard them also referred to as the “spark plugs of life”, the body uses them to activate a variety of functions within.

There are 3000 to 5000 enzymes in the human body & without them there is no life.  Now, here is the key secret- the human body will wear out faster if it has to make all of its own enzymes! That’s right, if we are not getting a good supply of enzymes through our diet, our body loses vitality & becomes weaker.

Two books written by Dr. Edward Howell, “Enzyme Nutrition, & The Food Enzyme Concept”, theorizes that humans are given a limited supply of enzyme energy at birth, & that it is up to us to replenish our supply of enzymes to ensure that their vital jobs get done.  If we don’t replenish our supply, we run the risk of health issues. Dr. Howell postulates that, “The length of life is inversely proportional to the rate of exhaustion of the enzyme potential of an organism.  The increased use of food enzymes promotes a decreased rate of exhaustion of the enzyme potential.”

In other words… the more enzymes you get, the longer & healthier you can be.  That is why eating raw organic foods & taking nutritional digestive enzyme supplements is believed to help ward off chronic & degenerative disease, maintain an balance of health & increase overall vitality.  By ingesting enzymes from organic raw foods & supplements, the body gets a break, doesn’t have to work so hard and just may last longer.

So back to this Nature’s Fresh, where does this fit into this whole thing?

Well, I harp constantly to my client’s to get the harsh heavy chemical cleaners out of their homes, they are toxic, my motto is IF you cannot drink it, or put it on your skin without suffering damage you have no business cleaning with it!

Now most of those products are meant to mask odors, or deodorize.  Nature’s Fresh uses natural, non-toxic enzymes to break apart stain & odor molecules.  It works much the same as the digestive enzymes do in our body.  By braking apart amino acids (proteins) or fatty acids (fats or oils), that bind stains & odors to fabrics & carpets, it helps to break them free & emulsify them (hold them in solution) so they can be removed.  Nature’s Fresh works on organic stains & odors & that includes just about everything.

Natures Freshsunshine concentrate

Nature’s Fresh used with NSP’s Sunshine Concentrate, a natural household cleaning product, & a few essential oils can eliminate the need for just about all other household cleaning products.  This helps protect your family’s health by reducing the exposure to chemicals. ( click on the product names if you are interested in purchase)


dirty walls

CLEANING WALLS: it will remove food stains, cigarette smoke & dirt. For spots spray  on directly, for larger jobs mix 1/4 cup with a gallon of water and a capful of Sunshine Concentrate to create an effective general cleaning solution.



I use for cleaning my counter tops and my stove top (it eats thru baked on food without the need for scraping, spray and let sit for a bit and wipes right off, no need to scrape and scratch the surface of your stove or counter tops).


I use also to wash my kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and the floors.  You can spray directly but for washing the floors, 1/8th cup per gallon of Nature’s Fresh, and a capful of Sunshine Concentrate, and about 15-20 drops Essential oils, I like Lemon, Orange, and Pink Grapefruit, if folks have been sick, I use Tea tree, (Click on the actual Oil names to purchase).


You can spray this directly full strength on mold/mildew and even add to the strength by adding essential oils like Tea Tree, or Thyme. (15-20 drops)

The uses for this spray are endless:

  • clothes & laundry to remove odors
  • air freshener, it doesn’t mask odors it actually breaks them down & eliminates, fabulous for pet accidents.
  • Dishes, you can add this to the dishwasher in place of a spot remover and removes stains & odors from your plastic storage containers.
  • carpet cleaning, add essential oils if you like.
  • If you traveling add some to a spray bottle with tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and carry it when you travel, use as deodorizer in your car .
  • clogged drains, because it has enzymes it can actually break down what is clogging the drains.  Pour a bottle of it down the drain, let it sit overnight and run hot water thru.  The enzymes are excellent for those like me with a septic tank.



  • LITTER BOX odor, spray in the litter box.
  • skunk
  • spray directly on pets if they have been skunked, it WILL remove the skunk smell.
  • fleas
  • controls fleas on pets without drying out their skin!

Bottom like is you can toss out your harsh chemical cleaners and I swear this one bottle will clean everything “safely”, yet effectively.  It works great on soap scum on shower doors, just spray and let sit for a bit, and wipes right off no scrubbing needed, and no harsh fumes!

Give it a try….

Healthfully yours,

Dr. Jodi Barnett N.D.

Harvested Health LLC




Dr. Edward Howell, “Enzyme Nutrition, & The Food Enzyme Concept”

Steven Horne, 


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  1. I am no longer positive the place you are getting your info, however great topic. I needs to spend some time studying more or working out more. Thanks for wonderful information I was looking for this information for my mission.

    1. Alex, thank you for visiting and following my blog, and commenting, using enzyme based cleaners isn’t a new concept, but finding one that isn’t laced with unnecessary added chemicals… not so much.. this particular cleaner I write about is “clean” and chemical free, and ii use it it WORKS…I’m glad the information was helpful

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