The Road to Vibrant Health is Paved with good Intestines, Part #2


The Road to Health is paved with Good Intestines (continues)

OK. So lets talk about some of the digestive issues that many experience.. we can address transit time. How long does it take to get to the center of the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop? Let’s find out… Seriously though, there is an issue for many with how long it takes for what you just chewed up and swallowed to move thru the 30ft of your digestive system.

Understand that on average it takes about 3-6 hrs. just for what you ate to be properly broken down to be used within. And a full 24 hrs. for the whole process to be ready to begin anew the next day.

There are muscles all along the road of our digestive system and they contract in movement; we call that peristalsis, which is what scoots the food thru the tube. The same motion is what happens in the large intestines and contributes to the process of a successful “poop” (I know some people seem to be really uncomfortable talking about “poop” not sure why it has been labeled as such a dirty don’t talk about it word, becuz, truth be told we all do it, even the animals and bugs outside, I mean if you are chewin and swallowing some food, you are gonna poop, just the facts of life.) Albeit, some do it better than others or more frequently etc. which is where we are headed…

I love to look at new life, a.k.a. new babies, new puppies, kittens, why because their systems are so fresh, they haven’t figured out how to do things wrong yet… when you nurse a baby many times while it’s eating, the baby is filling the diaper, or right after feeding a puppy or kitten, they go take care of business. We should have pooped (yep there is that dirty word again), 3-4 times a day. I suspect many are thinking and pondering wow, um yeah, right 3-4 times a DAY, the proud ones are saying hey, I go once every morning, others are saying hmmm maybe every other day or every couple of days. All of those examples are BAD… it means you have stuff the body completely is done with and can’t get rid of it. What happens if you didn’t take the garbage out for extended length of time in your kitchen? What would the quality of air be line in the room? Take that same thought process on the inner cycle of the body. Many people pass lots and lots of gas that would clear a room out. Many laugh about it, Hey so do I, but truth be told, means you got some old stuff in there, and it really is NOT doing a body good, and means your digestion system probably isn’t processing as well as it should be.

I find that there is a sad truth to be told that from what I’m hearing from my clients that come see me is many health practitioners don’t address the topic I’m talking about here. I’ve got clients who have been told poopin every couple of days is no big deal or you go once a day, hey you’re a poopin champion.. Yet many of us eat more than once a day, I guarantee that you do. Yet what typically is addressed is laxatives and OTC commercial fiber powers (not all are bad, but educate yourself on what’s in the product because many actually contain added food dyes that are not be a good thing).

Whats big business these days? Well…….
• Laxatives
• Antibiotics
• Anti-inflammatories,
• Antacids,
• Steroids,
• Colostomy bags.
Those things above are not going to improve the quality of your health, only may mask a few symptoms or offer temporary relief from a problem you have not addressed. Ignorance is never bliss.
What’s a digestive system supposed to do?
Well, for your food to actually be processed and absorbed by the body, and for that to be a success that is only going to take place via. Enzyme assistance. These digestive enzymes expedite the digesting of the food (means it makes it happen faster). Now, God knew all this when he created this amazing body of our’s, it is His design. (no big bang theory here)…. Yet what was never supposed to be in the mix was the wonderful add-on of “shelf stable foods”. Those wonderful convenient foods that in order to make them last longer contain additives/preservatives that render the enzymes in the food useless so the food doesn’t spoil.
So the canned, boxed, refined, heat treated, pasteurized, radiated, micro-waved packaged, processed foods ( I hear Twinkies have mastered time travel, you can bury one in the package and dig it up a century later and actually eat it, should look, smell and taste the same, how’s, that for progress) actually start to do damage to the production of your natural enzymes within. Many people’s natural production of these enzymes are quite low which can be supplemented, and once you have traded the fake foods for the real deal, then your body can go about fixing and healing what was malfunctioning. But in the mean time understand you may need to offer some assistance in this area with regards to some HCL and pepsin Look up a product called PDA Combination, which is a supplement that has Hydrochloric acid & pepsin to offer some added assistance for ya. Great stuff.

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As always, from the Health Nut..
Jodi Barnett N.D.
Orthomolecular Nutrition Coach, QFA Clinician, Raw Food Coach,


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