Medicine: You want medicine? Can you say FOOD?

Why is it so hard for so many people to be successful with making proper changes needed to improve their health? Well many want to change the high calorie, high fat, fake food that they find themselves craving or reaching for out of habit or even convenience becuz of a busy schedule.

Most don’t connect the dots that those bad food habits can be labeled as “stimulation habits”, the body has developed a habit of what it thinks makes it feel better even if it is only for a short period of time, or if it will cover up fatigue or depression symptoms even if it’s just for a moment.

We eat too much refined sugars, salts, too much Meat, too many cups of coffee or energy drinks, sodas(switching to a diet to cover the calories doesn’t force a positive either). So when they consult with me and I insist they remove those “stimulation foods”, they can and usually do feel worse, they may feel weak, headachy, even depressed as their body starts to accomodate and adjust and starts to take out the trash left behind from the bad food choices. So you need to understand and take this into consideration when embarking on these changes. Yet sadly this is when many of you give up the fight.

We usually visit the doctor because we want instant relief from something physically or even emotionally. So realize what I offer isn’t going to be instant relief, it’s not about just masking symptoms, it’s about removing what aspects are encouraging those symptoms to cause you grief to begin with.

I know many of you are probably tired of hearing about Food, food, and more food. but seriously until you stop being so hard headed and stubborn and realize there is a direct connection. My definition of “insanity” is to continue to do what you have always done and expect a different result. It has to begin with change, a change in something. And simply incorporating some pills whether they are pharma, OTC, herbal, vitamin, it is going to take a combination of changes. There is NO miracle in a capsule, or a gel cap.

We were all gifted with ONE priceless possession, yep JUST ONE.. and that is the body that carts you from point A to point B each and every day.. and it is the one possession that we abuse the most. many of my clients I find take better care and consideration into caring for their homes, their cars etc. All those things that when God calls us home get left behind….

When your ready to really invoke some change, I’m ready to help be your change agent!… give me a call and lets get cha started. procrastination isn’t going to make those symptoms and health blahs drift away by osmosis. Your going to have to make some serious efforts.

Healthfully yours,
Jodi Barnett N.H.C.
Harvested Health LLC

Published by harvestedhealth

I am a Doctor of Naturopathy, BCHHP; passionate about helping others improve the quality of their health by empowering them with knowledge of how to incorporate a more natural/holistic approach towards better quality of health.

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