The Bare Bones…. they are what hold us up!

The neck bones connected to the shoulder bone, the shoulder bones connected to the back bone… we all probably sang the song as kids, however today many people are finding that the strength and stability of “dem bones” is nothing to take lightly.  Osteopenia and Osteoporosis is a growing serious issue.


Lot’s of emphasis has been hurled at the American people that to keep those bones strong you need calcium and lots of it, with the emphasis greatly pointing towards women and growing children.  Women who are post-menopausal can lean more towards spontaneous fractures, whereas this also does affect the male gender as well but typically not until they are older. 


Calcium “absorption” and blood calcium levels are obviously important for everyone including our children it’s necessary for proper bone growth and healthy choppers (teeth), moms who are breastfeeding (kudo’s it’s the best way to feed your baby), but making sure your levels stay especially strong during breastfeeding is super necessary.  


Statistics back in 2006 showed 10 million men & women have osteoporosis (weak bones).  One out of 2 women and one in 8 men broke a bone due to osteoporosis.  Many after suffering a hip fracture (1 in 5 die within a year).


Over supplementing with calcium may not be the needed answer… why?  Calcium is a mineral that encourages contraction and muscle spasms, if you are putting in more calcium than ones body can metabolize (use) it can be stored as unwanted calcium deposits in body tissue, organs (kidneys as in stones) or on the walls of the arteries & blood vessels. Too much calcium can contribute towards headaches, body pain, kidney stones, even some depression.  


Many consume lots of dairy products in the form of milk, cheese, etc. because they have been told you need your calcium.  Commercials for heartburn products make sure they toss in there that we’ve added calcium. Our country over consumes more calcium than any other yet we have one of the highest rates of osteoporosis.  What that tells me is something is not working….


Higher calcium consumption doesn’t seem to be fixing the problem with weakening bone structures.  High dairy consumption carries with it a whole host of other issues for many people such as increase in mucous, lactose intolerance, constipation.  This next statement is what makes me very unpopular with many however it bears stating.  We are the only Mammal that drinks milk past the whelping stage.  If fed a baby calf human breast milk it would die.  Cows milk was God’s design to nurse a baby calf, not to sustain our calcium intake as people. Then add on top of the that, the commercial food industry heats it up (cooks) it to kill bacteria/pathogens to make it safe.  Hmmm all the beneficial enzymes and such are now dead, again if the milk we drink was used to feed a baby calf it would again die.

If a person removes the processed foods from their diets, consume a higher ratio of protein rich foods from the plant family such as beans, legumes, raw nuts, and limit animal meat consumption especially commercial meat that is higher with antibiotics and growth hormones and forced to stand almost “still” so they get fatter quicker, (organically raised animal meat is healthier, YES it will taste different than the commercial meats), and PLEASE get rid of the “whites”, white sugar, white breads, white rice, refined sugars are not going to provide one ounce of positive health benefits. standard table salt, coffee, alcohol and regular teas all participate in dehydrating what is typically a very dehydrated body to begin with due to the fact that most Americans don’t drink near enough water (R.O. reverse osmosis is a good choice).


Also understanding that in order for the body to contribute to the formation of stronger bones other elements are needed in the teamwork process.  Magnesium, zinc, copper, strontium, manganese, boron, fluorine, silicon, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin K.  It takes more than just one “single” element for calcium formation.  I always recommend to clients who tell me they were diagnosed with osteo issues, to begin to also supplement with “horsetail” it’s an herb that is naturally high in silica  it’s easy for the body to absorb low in calcium and affordable thru many healthfood stores.


When you look at our animal population in their natural habitat please… they do not consume “calcium” they eat grasses and other living things (I’m not referring to the predator animals we don’t tend to eat them do we?) and how many of those animals are shown to be calcium deficient?  They are not, the elements in the grasses and living foods they are consuming all contain trace elements of vitamins, enzymes, nutrients, minerals that need to participate in the body putting together the proper puzzle for the right amount of calcium production/absorption.


My chief contenders that you need to give a higher level of importance to consuming for better bone/teeth health:

Magnesium, potassium, silica.  If you switch to lots of “real” fruits & vegetables, begin a good juicing regime and consuming more raw foods and less cooked foods.  Your body may just reward you with a much stronger structure.


Eliminate from your diet”

refined sugars (all of them), artificial sweeteners, white breads, white rice, standard pasta (go for brown rice in moderation),

alcohol in excess especially the beer family, coffee, teas (does not include herbal), (they dehydrate the body and make your body very acidic)

processed convenient foods and fast foods.  Dairy products


Restrict in your diet: 

animal protein, starches and simple carbohydrates.



more walking exercise, walking barefoot in the grass for 20 mins. a day to reground your electrical system (central nervous that is), drink more clean water, surround your self with positive emotional input, (movies, music, books), laugh more it produces feel good endorphins. get plenty of solid sleep.


Healthfully yours,

Jodi Barnett N.H.C.

Raw Food coach, Orthomolecular Nutrition Coach

QFA Analysis Clinician.

Harvested Health

219-713-4789 (wholesale quality herbs/supplements)

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